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  1. lol, yeah, cod pieces have come a long way, but sometimes you need low ARC. i have 2 kilts from MC leather that have good aprons, and yeah, they're very slightly curved prims and the flex is set to move sideways, so it looks pretty convincing. i also have a lot of nice ones i don't wear because they need adjustment. just got a beautiful one in the twisted hunt, but it's essentially a butched-up gown.
  2. i have two issues: 1 - we have penises, but most pants make us look like ken dolls. i'm not saying i want a visible outline, but fuzzy highlights in the crotch won't do, and 'unisex' might as well be changed to 'eunich'. 2 - kilts should be made for regimental wear. they should attach to the stomach and shouldn't be so flexible that they expose my parts every time i move. also, a real scottish kilt has an apron in front, not pleats.
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