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  1. Usualy u use UV map as a reference , nothing more.Just use new layers for ur texture and hide the uv or delete before saving ur map.Always go a few pixels over the UV border to be in a "safe" area.
  2. I know what vray (maxwell/octane/fry and many others) does and how it works (i work in 3d since 98) i just can't figure out what is wrong with my textures in SL(new in here). I also do textures and mesh for games but never had this problem.I just wonder if i miss something.
  3. Does anybody using vray for texture bake? I'm trying to do it but the texture looks so crappy on sl. So if anybody have a good workaround and wanna share :).
  4. sorry maybe i was wrong posting in here asking for a script in the first threat but i found the script that i was looking and i'm stuck on permision. again sorry if iv posted in wrong section.
  5. Thx for the reply. now i have a problem regarding permissions and i can't solve it. i have a PRIM A and inside o this i have 2 notecards and a script - first notecard is set to TRANS only because i don't want to show the content -second notecard is set MOD/COPY/TRANS because i want the user to be able to modify the contents -the script is buyed from marketplace an is set to TRANSFER (i only can set it to COPY/TRANS) and i choose trans so the next user can't copy to inv. the first problem is that i can manage to make the PRIM A set to MOD/COPY and drop it in a delivery bag (PRIM B) that will contain this PRIM A and another 2 cards for which i set to TRANS so next owner can't MOD/COPY them. With those settings when i unpack my PRIM A from the bag (PRIM B) i receive the contents like this -PRIM A set to NO MOD/NO COPY/NO TRANS and inside i can't open or mod the notecard that was set to full perm.
  6. Hello guys i'm looking for a script that will change the texture on a single face prim (via menu) and to load the textures from uuid(notecard). User access and the possibility to grant access from a notecard (avatars name or uuid). i found one on marketplace but is changing the texture on all faces and is not full perm. and i'm sure is one on sl wiki or other sl related script websites but i can't find it :(
  7. U must pay for opening or u pay just the % frm ur sales?
  8. Yes i agree but if u do design stuff "lamps,potery and others) if u go for buildings , planes and other stuff that require a high interaction then u are kinda doomed to use a verry heavy physics mesh wich will rise the cost. iv done a test with a bulding floor with auto LOD creation inside the importer and iv used for phisics the high LOD. it cost me 69 lindens to upload wich is not that bad.
  9. Hello. Good question. Also i'm a noob and iv done some tests. -model in max (mesh) -baked texture -export DAE and texture import in grid the mesh and the texture iv used just the high detail mesh (no LOD at all, iv used the import tool LOD levels) plus the texture and it worked just fine. (i think is cheaper) or i'm wrong?!
  10. loup124

    I'm dumb or what?!

    First of all thank u guys for ur help. I finaly mannaged to upload some mesh Now the only thing i have to do is to find some tuts regarding multiple mesh linking and some texturing ones also prices and other stuff. Do u guys know any? And i was ready to leave sl ) now no way is so much fun in here with the mesh thing
  11. loup124

    I'm dumb or what?!

    Thx. I'll try again now with this one. And BTW ur tuts rocks :matte-motes-big-grin:
  12. loup124

    I'm dumb or what?!

    "maybe you need to get verified for mesh upload" i didn't see any message or something to tell me that. Or ur talking about the Quiz on the LL website?
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