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  1. Is there a limit on how much land I can own or rent as long as the tier price is paid?
  2. How can on ask questions when in auction with Linden labs? This is the answer I received when I asked about terraforming land Within limits, yes. On the Mainland, terraforming is limited to +/- 4m, measured from the elevation at which the land was originally created by Linden Lab. If a previous owner has already moved it up (or down) the maximum amount, you cannot move it further. On private estates, the terraforming limits are +/- 100m, but this is often restricted by the estate owner to a lesser amount, or none. Read the covenant carefully to see what terraforming is allowed, and if you ar
  3. If I buy abandoned land and it is very hilly can the hills be dropped down with terraforming?
  4. When one wins an auction for abandoned land from Linden Labs is that the final amount or are there continued payments of some sort?
  5. Where and how can we find out when and what Linden Labs have in land to auction or sell? Where can we find out this information?
  6. What is the meaning of avatar rendering cost?
  7. how do I temporarily derender objects?
  8. I have serveral Picks in my profile that I wish to delete. How can I trash them please?
  9. Downloaded new LL viewer and not get notices constantly that I can not move object in parcel as it is not allowed. I rent this land so I should be able to move objects. Anyway I do move objects and seem to have no troubles but keep getting these messages each time I go into inventory and change clothes. It is annoying. What is this all about? Can you help me on this please?
  10. My profie photo shows on my host tip board and my profile photo is clear so what causes it to be blurry on my host tip board. I have tried many profile photos but all are blurry.
  11. I usually keep my most used icons on bottom of screen. New upgrade will not let me drag them to the bottom where I had others before. Can this still be done. It says in the icon box to drag but nothing happens. How can I get icons to show please?
  12. sagia


    Why do some groups have a liability fee to pay each month while others do not? I am paying for one each month and do not know the reason. Thank you.
  13. What is the difference with homestead land and the other rental properties? Or the home given by Linden labs?
  14. To enter contest request is to fill out an application which is in the form of a note card and they request you attach a photo and send back. I know how to send note cards to someone but how do you attach a photo to a note card. I do have some photos in my photo albun so I guess you take from there but I do not know how to attach. thanks
  15. Where does one look to find out which SL viewer one has?
  16. Where can I find out what SL viewer I have? I have a Mac computer and need to know what viewer I have to be sure I have the lastest update. Thank You
  17. I have a photo in my profile feed box, it is not my main profile pic, is there a way to send a copy of it to a friend? I have a Mac computer and SL viewer.
  18. I have a Mac computer and SL viewer. I make a notecard and enter info and hit copy. I tried to paste in open chat but dd not do it. So how do you paste in open chat please. Thank you.
  19. I do not wish to edit my profile but there is a pic in inventory I would like placed there not as main profile pic however maybe as a post or however this can be done to show it in the feeds area. Can this be done please.?
  20. Thank you very much for answering my questions so quickly and efficiently. I have been able to perform this challenge
  21. I want to share my profile pic with a friend and I have pic on hard drive. How do I upload from hard drive to texture inventory folder please? If I edit my profile pic by upoading where do I get texture?
  22. I would like to email a friend from inworld and share a profile photo how can I do this please?
  23. I would like to send a copy of my profile pic to another how can I do this please?
  24. I made a mistake in my earlier question I have gone from 500 kps to 2000 kps and still having problems with SL viewer lastest version and Mac computer. Can you suggest the best possible please|?
  25. I have gone from 500 to 200 kps on bandwith with SL latest version and a Mac computer but still having problems with rezzing and tp thanks
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