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  1. is there any way to tell when a group I made was first started? I know it was 2011? Zombie Hunters International. Group key: 1b1c5b83-87c0-c4d3-cf82-395f9f45f27f
  2. I get them too. Ive reported them to LL but no response. They pop in and out never answer IM's and my bann list is filling up with them
  3. I know I have to pay a fee but to whom and how I get asked for 3 previous friends I can list a few but it want someone with a last name Dejavu Idont know anyone by that name
  4. need more info, what viewer, what is your connection, can you get to the internet on that computer?
  5. I saw one in a store on SL but I have long lost LM or even name. Ive searched MP all over using all sorts of keywords but no luck. The animations were of a person undressing and then clothes appeared over the top of the screen Please help
  6. I have one of the Linden home as a premium member but not matter what i try I cant get music to play need help
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