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  1. That makes sense, Penny. I didn't even think of that. Thanks so much for the advice!
  2. Thank you both SO much. Those answers were wonderful, and helped me a great deal. They were exactly what I was looking for! And I'm extremely grateful for the resources, especially the Machinimatrix one. That was just what I needed but couldn't find, myself.
  3. I understand that those programs enable you to sculpt, but I was curious as to whether people that create clothing use them a lot. I've seen a lot of videos on Youtube about clothing creation, but most of them are for skirts, using the in-game building tool to create prims. But as far as ruffles and belts and bows, I was curious as to whether they do those in the building tool in Second Life as well, or if they are "forced" (or even find it more comfortable) to try other programs such as Maya, SculptyPaint, etc in order to get those weird shapes. Sorry if I don't make much sense.
  4. Hello everyone! I've read a lot from the forums and have taken a lot of time inspecting many of the clothing items I've purchased from the marketplace. I am very interested in beginning to create clothing, and have already begun to do so with shirts and whatnot in Photoshop. I am aware that additional features (Like ruffles, skirts, large sleeves, and more) are created using the prims. I've fooled around a lot with those as well, but it starts getting a bit complicated when shapes seem to deviate (like ones that I've seen in corset ruffles and belt links). I'm curious - can these strange shapes be created in Second Life itself, or must they be done using programs such as Blender, Maya, or others similar to these? If so, my question to those of you who are familiar with this hobby would be - what program do you usually use, or find yourself going into a lot to make sculpties? Are there tutorials for specifics like this, such as the linked prims to make the shirt ruffles, belts, or even bows that are on the back of some dresses? I would also like to find something (maybe I'm blind, but I've looked around and I'm having a hard time) which explains options in the build feature for SL, such as the physical and phantom check boxes I see, and what common features are checked or used for clothing items. Sorry if this topic has been thrown into the wrong spot - I'm relatively new to the forums here. And sorry for the text walls!
  5. I agree. I'd also like to visit the location, but I can't find any of the information I'm looking for. Club Lost doesn't appear on the map or in searches?
  6. All of your pics are so cute! I need to take some of my own now.
  7. By "blown out" she's saying it's a tad too washed out.... very bright to where detail begins to disappear. But I agree, the composition is so cute!
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