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  1. problem resolved, thanks to both.. i didnt know the getattached function, resolved using inside of on_rez event if (!llGetAttached()) { Thanks!
  2. I want to make a script that detects when my object is dropped on the ground, and not attached, for example an script that says "i m on the ground" when it is dropped on a sandbox, and not attached, i couldnt find an event that discriminates when is rezzed on ground or attached, i tryed in on_rez ovbiously but i get the same result when the object is attached... thanks all for your help.
  3. i m not sure if that is the problem, if it is work with another animation, it should work stopping and playing the same animation, and if the stop takes a time... the anymation should stop at least i think.. maybe it doesnt start again but should stop.. and i already tryed with large sleeps and doesnt work either.. really i dont know what else to do.. thanks for your time.
  4. hello, sorry for bother you all but i want to know why my script isnt working. i tryed to restart an animation using llStopAnimation(animation1) llStartAnimation(animation1) and doesnt work, but if i use llStopAnimation(animation1) llStartAnimation(animation2) works fine.. why when i want to restart the SAME animation simply continues playing the animation an never stop it and never start it again? i leave you the code here so you can try.. you only have to place this script and 2 animations to try it /////////// USER SETTINGS //////////////////// string floattext = "Sit Here"; s
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