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  1. Hello Lotus- I just wanted to say that, though I personally cannot read Portuguese, I think it's actually awesome to see a post here in another language. SL is a huge, multicultural environment, and English is only one tiny part of all the languages spoken here. There's several other posts by English experts here, and a handy google translate for those who want to read your post, too. So in short, keep up the good work. ^^
  2. I'm actually surprised so many women in SL do- I never have, and in fact don't really own any lingerie to speak of, since no one would ever see it. And about the sun dresses with visible straps business.... -=glances down=- Sometimes... well, sometimes you just don't have a choice. Find me a strapless I won't have to keep pulling back up all day, and I'd be happy forego the visible brastraps. -=grins=-
  3. I just had the exact same thing happen... you saved me from having a heart attack! It must just be something funny with the servers.
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