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  1. I have around 100 or less ping.. and bandwith isn't bad either.. I log in just fine.. no lag, can chat and do gestures and all that good stuff. But every single time I click somewhere to teleport, it takes 20 to 30 seconds and then says I have been disconnected. I have tried a ton of random places to go to and it still does this.. it doesn't even matter what viewer I am on. What can I do? EDIT: In regards to answer to my question: I disabled Http GetTextures and that didn't solve it
  2. Thanks, fixed my problem. Now I have another problem with the watch. I'm not sure if it had to do with scripting or if it is an option elsewhere. But the watch was set to right wrist by default. I went to a pose stand and easily slid it across to the left wrist and rotated it accordingly so that everything looked properly. But when I step off the pose stand, the watch is floating around my toon. And when I step back on the stand, it goes back to my left wrist (which is what I want) How do I get it to stay on my left wrist after I step off the pose stand?
  3. First off I don't really know much about scripting. WIth that being said, all I want to do is get rid of the HoverTextClock that is on this watch. It's really ugly and annoying seeing floating text over the watch showing the time. I clicked edit on the watch, and then clicked the content tab and that is where it is showing the HoverTextClock script. So, if I wan't to get rid of it I would just delete it? (atleast that would be my first guess) Well I deleted it and took it off and put it back on and it is still there. Someone in game said that you have to go to your build tools and
  4. Well these are freebie shoes.. and the only thing that came in the package were a left shoe, a right shoe, and a shoe shaper.
  5. I've had a couple pair of shoes do this to me now... They will work fine one day, and the next, and then sometimes you log out for a bit and back in and one of the shoes is gone for good lol. What I mean is, the folder and the shoes and shoe shaper is still in my inventory.. but when I put the pair of shoes on, one of the shoes never becomes visible, so its like I'm only wearing one show and one foot is barefoot. This has been happening alot... Is there anyway around it? or is there any way to fix the shoe? I really dont wanna have to go out and look for the exact same pair each time thi
  6. Ahh then that is the problem, cause that is the one I am using. I just read in the notecard it was moveable.. but ok cool I will start learning scipting then lol thnx all
  7. I've also tried moving the AO and then clicking detatch (which should load up in the same spot next time I open it) but even that doesnt work and it STILL goes back to the default location How do you get it to save AO hud location after you move it where you want it on your screen?
  8. Yea im closing the box because Im not seeing a save anywhere =/ I'm such a newb
  9. Ok cool, nevermind I got it now lol. I should of been a blonde! Edit: Ok well I thought I had it.. I can get it moved.. but when I click it again or touch it in anyway, it reverts back to the default position
  10. Thats what Ive been doing.. I guess the problem I'm really having is figuring out how to actually move it when the yellow arrows and blue arrows pop up.. its not wanting to go anywhere lol
  11. I can't figure out how to ''edit'' it to be able to move it on the screen.. in the note cards it says you can but I just cant figure it out
  12. Yesterday was my first day playing and it worked fine all day and night.. I go to bed, wake up and now I can't get anything to load at all.. Everything is grey.. most people are clouds.. the ones I can see are grey.. the land is grey.. etc etc I tried clearing my cache and restarting.. nothing.. tried teleporting somewhere else.. nothing I'm using the viewer from the SL site Thanks
  13. Today is my first day.. Im a fast learner.. but I can't seem to get this shape I found in the marketplace to work.. Sadly I'm a freebie. But I found a shape that I wanted to test out to see if I could do it and when I put it on, nothing happens. And a lock button pops up to the right of it, so I can't even edit the shape or anything.. the one I was trying is on here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FREE-Gift-Box-BELISSIMA-SHAPES-MALE/1610736 If anyone could help I'd appreciate it, thanks
  14. Thnx all! I am learning my way around and moving.. that seems easy enough.. just having a rough time with my appearance right now lol. Found some freebies tho.. just alot of editing options for instance, I got this hat.. but I selected the attach to option.. and I selected my nose, just to be silly to see if he would wear it on his face.. but he didnt.. it just positioned it weird above his head.. now everytime I select wear, it places it there.. how do I get it back on his head properly? also, and good appearance thread links would probably help me a TON Thanks
  15. wow thanks for the fast replies everyone. Yea I used to enjoy games like this.. making a bunch of friends.. was a really good experience to feel apart of something. But sadly all the games I have played they took down. I did stumble on SL a few years back but I was so lost and confused and didn't really feel like putting in the time again.. But now I feel I am ready to get back into the virtual world lol Look forward to running into you all =)
  16. Hey all. First day here, wanting to get started out on the right foot, but this seems overwealming so far and a bit too advanced than the other simulations I've tried out. It will just take me a tad longer to get up to speed here. I'm fairly tech savy.. But was curious if anyone had any free time to meet up with me in game to maybe show me around and answer a few questions. I guess just add me in game and PM me there, or I'll check back and forth Thanks
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