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  1. I just have a few questions before I decide to even buy land or what I should do here. Right now I'm in a tiny apartment that I'm just using for rezzing and for my Magic Box... but then I got to thinking it would be cool to get a TV and have it stream my dvds from my computer... so I spent countless hours on google figuring out how to go about doing that and Im starting to understand that part.. But then I noticed I wasn't allowed to stream media in my apartment.. and that only the person who owns the land may do so (which makes sense I guess) So that got me thinking more... can my l
  2. I looked into that one earlier.. but I don't want anyone watching the channel =/ and it has adds on screen
  3. I want to start getting into video.. Maybe put a tv in my apartment and stream my dvds from my pc to it.... or maybe create a webcam experience... I have been on google all day trying to find something decent and free to do this, but I'm fairly new to streaming but I do understand how it works (for the most part) With that said, does anyone know of any good way to do this for free? I don't wanna have to pay $500 just to watch a movie in SL :smileytongue: I would prefer it to be a private host/server or something similar to where noone can just find my url and watch in a webbrowser..
  4. Would it be any trouble for you to PM me on how to go about doing that? Thanks. I'm reading up on the other methods as we speak
  5. I'm somewhat new, and readsomething that might be outdated and was curious if it still works this way.. I heard you get $L for the amount of time other people spend on your land/property. Is this true? If so, does it only work if you own the land? What if your renting land but have a store on it? And if you do earn $ for time spent... does it count if its just a residential home?
  6. I'm fairly new to SL and hear the Adult Industry can be decent or good $$. So I got to thinking... Would it be possible to have like an adult movie theater, and instead of it playing an adult film on the screen... have it broadcast a live webcam instead? Also, can you charge an entry fee to your SIM or building?
  7. Nope not really any lag at all.. idk what's up with it. But thanks for confirming.
  8. Grr I swear SL hates me. I have not done anything to my box. In fact, I ordered one on my account earlier just to see if it would deliver and it did. But now its not... *sigh
  9. Thnx. just wanted to make sure the item isn't transferable when u get it
  10. Could I get someone to test out my box permissions plz? I put a test item up in my marketplace store for 0$. I just need confirmation from the buyers prospective to make sure I have the permissions set the way I want them (as its my first time making/selling box item) Link to my store should be in this post. If not search for white boi productions Thanks
  11. Hmm that's so weird lol. Because I actually deleted all of my boxes yesterday and removed them on the marketplace and got a new box and started over and it still didn't work last night... But cool i won't touch anything lol Thnx guys
  12. Awesome thanks for testing it for me. But I still don't think the gesture can be delivered because I removed the one from the sand box yesterday morning and have only had 1 box up in my house...
  13. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/77595 There's the link to my store. The item is a gesture and should be the first one on there... The other items were given to me to put on there to see if they experienced the same problem as my item EDIT: Yes the colors are working on the box
  14. Ive been dealing with this sense 8 AM Est. :smileysad: Delivery keeps failing Come on smart people
  15. Grrr! This is still not working! Can someone please help me get this straightened out? Ive made a few more sells sense earlier and it's still not delivering them the item or giving me my money! I found a video on how to do this.. but I have done everything exactly how the video instructed and this still isnt working! I have the box rezzed in my apartment.
  16. On my magic box status screen there is a Red text that says Unassociated Inventory.. Does that mean if someone buys that item they will be unable to receive it?
  17. The item has modify and copy checked for the next owner. But I dont have the box checked where the next owner can resell or give away
  18. And once again still does not fix the problem. Maybe I'm doing something else wrong?? Really starting to get frustrated right about now :smileymad:
  19. Grrr still not working. And this is my only avi. Still says item is unavailable for delivery
  20. Have tried all that before posting.. I will try deleting all the boxes and inventory and start over. Only had 1 item anyway lol
  21. K I have my apartment and I am able to keep my box up. But I still can not seem to get it to work on the website.. Still shows my items are going to be unable for delivery Any help plz
  22. Alright thanks, but I was just testing it at a sandbox just to see how it works and to make sure I am doing it right.. I am about to rent a small apartment whenever the owner is online to unlock my door:smileytongue: But I mean I have the box up in front of me.. and on the marketplace it shows that the box is active.. but to the right, it's saying that the inventory is unable for delivery. And it's listed with a price and everything =/
  23. I'm new to selling on the marketplace.. I think I have the process down now. Except I had one question about magic boxes. Is it possible to rez one at a sandbox and have it actually working?
  24. I'm a new seller here so i had my friend buy something from me to test it out so I know I'm doing this right for when I get more traffic. Well my friend bought something from me for $50 L. On my end it shows the item was sold.. but another screen says that it was not paid for and cannot be redelivered.. I think this happened because i did not have my box rezzed.. Well it is rezzed now and still will not let me get the money from her and redeliver the item.. So now she's out $50L How can I fix this and give her the item where I can also receive that 50 that was already paid? Thanks
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