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  1. bonjour, j'ai un compte prémium et donc, une maison avec. Pourrais je en changer et déménager ? J'aimerais avoir un terrain vide où je pourrais construire ma propre maison.. Merci
  2. you can come at Chilipepper Estate. The price is 2Ls/prim http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chilipepper/58/133/24 - MARKET KART : 10 Prims/ 20 L$ per week/par semaine/por semana - 10mx10m / 25 Prims / 50 L$ per week/par semaine/por semana - 10mx20m / 50 Prims / 100 L$ per week/par semaine/por semana - 20mx20m / 100 Prims / 200 L$ per week/par semaine/por semana Opportunities / possibilités : 30x10 or 30x20 or 40x10 or 40x20. see you... Nefaso Resident
  3. Hello We are looking for a full sim for transfer very small price :smileyhappy: We must be the owners want to Linden and rename and move. Thank you contact by im Nefaso Resident, by email nefaso.paramour06@yahoo.fr or here. Thanks
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