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  1. Red Garter Lounge is a friendly adult-oriented club that offers both Male and Female Dancers aswell as freelance Dancers. All Are Welcome. Tonight Oct.26th 8-10PM SLT Best in Uniform Contest 300L on the board to start more people the higher it gets. DJ Smokey Playing all the great Tunes and Request aswell. Missy Sigall will be your Hostess always ready to help you in any way she can. And of course the sexy Red Garter Dancer will entertain you. So Grab a Uniform and come enjoy two hours of fun maybe meet a few new friends. Hope to see you all there Funky http://slurl.com/secondlife/Grand%20Pulse/146/160/21
  2. Red Garter Lounge is a friendly adult-oriented club that offers both Male and Female Dancers aswell as freelance Dancers. All Are Welcome. Hiring Dancers,Host and DJ's Application are by the doors. Freelance Dancers poles also Available Opening night is tonight 6-8SLT so come on down try the freelance poles see what we have to offer. Thanks Funkilicous Resident
  3. The Fun Continues On The Opening Day Of The Red Garter Lounge. Come enjoy the awesome tunes by DJ Smokey be sure to get your requests in. Enjoy our Lovely Dancers and be sure to wear red & black get in the contest. Board starts at 300L and goes up 100 for every page we fill. Hope to see you all there Funky http://slurl.com/secondlife/Grand%20Pulse/232/158/23
  4. Red Garter Lounge is a friendly adult-oriented club that offers both Male and Female Dancers aswell as freelance Dancers. All Are Welcome. Hiring Dancers,Host and DJ's Application are by the doors. Opening night with The Dog Taking all your requests. Costume contest so wear your scariest funniest or sexiest costume. Wednesday Oct. 24th 6-8 SLT. Head down for some great music and let our dancers entertain you. Bring your friends and fill that contest board. Hope to see you all there Funkilicous Resident http://slurl.com/secondlife/Grand%20Pulse/146/160/21
  5. Red Garter Lounge is a friendly adult-oriented club that offers both Male and Female Dancers aswell as freelance Dancers. All Are Welcome. Opening Night is Wednesday Oct.24th. We are looking for Staff Dancers and Freelancers, Also DJ's for the hours of 6-8PM, 8-10PM and the 10-12PM shifts. More shifts to be added at a later date. If Interested Please IM Funkilicous Resident For a Application or Stop by check the club out and pick up a application. Thanks all that apply and enjoy your SL Funkilicous Resident EDITED: Males are also welcome as Dancers so come on down lets get this place jumping!! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Grand%20Pulse/146/160/21
  6. If a in world company acquires your IP address and email is it possible to ban a IP address or email as a way to block the use of alts and circumvent the LL TOS? OK maybe I need to add more info on this company's complaint form is asks for your email address and in small print says its collecting your IP address just trying to figure out why they would need this information.oohh also the form is on a outside website
  7. Ok what are you talking about Anarchy did you even read what I said? There are people from many countries out there not Just where your from, Muslim women must not have any skin showing so all women should be totally covered? Why are your countries beliefs and social systems more important then others? Little closed minded in my opinion. But I can see its pointless to try to get you to understand there are other people besides yourself in SL. Carry on and i hope LL doesnt shut down the servers when you log off seems SL revolves around you.
  8. Second Life is Virtual people are not really in the dance club changing there cloths, I guess sarcasm doesn't exist in SL spouting off about TOS. No where was it mentioned that people should be allowed to break the TOS but things that are there for people to use i.e.. Edit appearance are there for a reason,just like baby huds I don't like them but what gives me the right to tell you its not acceptable to do in a strip club because I don't like it. Your social is not my social you are no better then I am in SL. When you start to believe you know what's best for others that's just wrong. People should be allowed (let me type this correct) to act within the TOS without being told or suggested that they alter their way of enjoying SL to make you SL more enjoyable.
  9. First you might not want to call it a game people will surely attack you most people find this more then a game and take it very serious. I like it as purely entertainment it is possible to play without a large amount of real money there are a lot of freebies and some ways to earn a few free linden here and there to buy what you need. Clubs offer contest that you can join if you enjoy music and dancing. It is also possible to get a job inworld depending on your ability. You can learn scripting,building,you can become a DJ dancer. There's so much you can do.. Log in and have a awesome time. And here comes the "play" and "game" remarks
  10. Please post the link to where editing appearance in public is against TOS and where LL guarantees Butterflies and rainbows.
  11. I wish people would realize this is virtual people can do as they please no one says sit there and stare at people editing ,turn the camera better yet click the red x at the top. What makes you the SL police to tell people how to use SL. They have ever right to do as they please,just like you,, ooh I don't like Bling I think have so respect don't wear it cause I don't like it,,not my place to tell others how to utilize SL. This is general discussion forum not the op ed page of your local newspaper.
  12. WOW 2 pages about something that in no way effects you being able to do as you please in SL.
  13. Thank you that have replied and put your vendors out,still plenty or room left just IM me. Ill add slurl if you would like to see before you reply. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Novgorod/97/211/86
  14. WOW Thank you that explains a lot I didn't know they were that strict on PG sims. Thank you all for bring understanding and cordial with your replies,helps me understand a lot more =-)
  15. I have a little coffee shop with a few open air buildings im looking for either affiliate or vendors of products other then clothing,i.e... breedables,bikes,autos,wrestling,collars,non human avi's. Only thing is it is a mature parcel so as long as the vendors complies with LL TOS I would like to have a look at it.
  16. Thank you all for your responses im a very curious person and this helps me to understand both the vendor and the buyers view. I will be more clear in my IM's and I understand better why its done. =-) Ok One more then ill stop asking questions, this question has perplexed me ever since I started SL, Its my understanding that a sim no matter the maturity rating has the same cost, I also understand when you purchase a sim you have every right to set the rules as you see fit.I have noticed a lot of mature sims with PG clubs or these police pig tip jars that issue a ticket if your a "potty mouth" Now im not attacking any particular sim or owner but if you own such or a sim or know of someone that does please help me to understand why you would go through the headache of trying to enforce PG rules on a mature sim? Please forgive me if I offend you I just want to understand the human thought process better.
  17. Ok im fairly young to SL just over 400 days but im confused about a few things but 1 thing that really confuses me is when I buy a product or service and it comes with a NC and a issue may arise, I will contact the creator and then he/she will reply by copying and pasting the NC or just send me another note card, to me that is very insulting. So my question is do people really not read the NC that comes with the products they purchase?
  18. COME TO THE BEST PLACE ON SL FOR YOUR FASHION NEEDS, YES THAT'S RIGHT EVERYTHING IS JUST 1L$! WE HAVE LADIES AND MEN'S FASHIONS, SKINS, SHAPES, JEWELRY, ACCESSORIES, SHOES HOME & GARDEN, CHEAP AD BOARD AND MORE! ** ADULT AREA** ANYTHING YOU NEED WE HAVE AND IF WE DON'T HAVE IT JUST ASK AND I AM SURE WE CAN GET IT! SO GRAB THE LM BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND FIND THAT OUTFIT YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE BUT OTHER PLACES CHARGE WAY TOO MUCH!!! Sexiest Furry Contest Starts April 13th ends May 13th 50L$ to enter 15L$ to vote, ^ votes for 75L$ 1500L$ for sexiest Male Furry 1500L$ for sexiest Female Furry Please read the rules before entering http://slurl.com/secondlife/0%200%20Abysm/186/95/22
  19. ____ FUNKY'S LITTLE RANCH AUCTION ____ Where do you go to find some of the best breedables in SL? Funky's Little Ranch The Next Big Name in SL Breeding It's a friendly and welcoming place for those novice and experienced at auctions. Why not see it for yourself? Come on down to Funky's Ranch For the Daily Auctions or Play a game of Byngo. http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Hidden%20Isle/183/116/24
  20. Hello All My names Funky I been around about a year but still learning if you need a friend or have questions ill try to answer them or find the answer for you. =) Enjoy your SL Funkilicous Resident
  21. New Breedable Sim Looking for Byngo Hosts New Board Sim Grand Opening Is 3/10 At 12pm SLT if interested stop by of Drop Me a NC,even reply to this post. Very new to Byngo so please be patient. Thank you Funkilicous Resident
  22. funkilicous

    Sculpt Hat

    OK silly question how do I make a sculpt hat attach without removing my hair?
  23. Funky's Ranch and Market offers stall for all your breedable pets. To Celebrate from 12pm SLT till 4pm SLT on 3/10 all first week rentals (kennels,corrals,stalls,ad boards,etc....) will be half off, so stop by early and be ready to grab the prime spots. Relax play a little Byngo,free random bundle drawing every 30 minutes for group members. Come on down check out the deals and chat with other breedable lovers. Not a breeder but curious stop by ask questions or just hangout. Feel free to IM me In world with any questions. Hope to see you all Funky http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Hidden%20Isle/234/115/24
  24. ok 400usd but must be 3rd -5th
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