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  1. Hey, thanks for the respond and feeling cmpassion :smileyhappy: Dont worry I've met some great "friends" here too who are very wise, interesting, not shallow, helpfull. But as in real life, a true friend is hard to find, but I did it in SL. Others are just the ones I chat, explore or party with when I am bored. Experience has made me rich while being here otherwise I'd never meet so strange people in RL or hear so "crazy" life stories. Maybe I've expressed myself to harsh with my post, but I am still under influence I had with my SL close friend who I brought to my RL, she stole so much of my energy with her "depression". Sometimes I feel like in SL is so easy to take then to give something to someone. My whole point was to say that everybody should be carefull when it comes to SL friendships because I've seen that its easier to take advantage of others or bother them or make drama or be jelaous and show it directly to us when they are hiding under their pixels.
  2. There are 2 facts about SL:"everybody lies the only variable is about what!" and that last one is dont get bonned and close with your SL friends, you came here to have fun! If someone doesnt have RL friends or feels lonely, its their problem not yours! So, in the end noone should care if you are surrounded by liars, my problem is that I am honest and nice person and people like me, get screwed up always SL or RL. I stopped bothering about who lies in here and about what and you should too it will only mess your head and what do you get in the end? Stress from the "game" People should choose wether they will RP in world or be theirselfs, its everyone's choice, but just dont be twofaced, hipocrat dramaqueen idiot.
  3. In this 6 months of course it has changed! When I came here I was just exploring, shopping, doing jobs and letting myself getting used for 1 $ per 2,3 hours like poor kids in China! Eventually my friendlist started to grow too, so did my messages. I started to feel exhausted by those so called "friends" who were stealing my energy and time by complaning and sharing their RL or SL problems. This all was my fault for letting them do this to me because I like to listen to people and help them when they are feeling so low but by time passing by one day I cutted my list to only a few friends, left groups and so on. Today I dont wanna make anymore friends, maybe I am shallow now, but majority of people inworld are lonely, depressed, frustarated, OCD, addictive persons, so go away from making "true" friendships or letting them avaliable in you real lives too. Remember second life is suposed to be fun, dont do mistakes I did, leave your SL friends to SL and dont take them to your real life. I had a friend who I gave my skype, facebook, mobile phone contacts, she seemed so nice and fun person, nowdays I just stopped repling to her because I've seen she contacts me only when she has problems, always complaning, never listening to me, bringing her drama to my RL, I cant be someone's replacement for RL friends, just because you dont have RL doesnt mean I need to be your BFF in RL
  4. Um......arent psychopats persons who at first sight look normal to everyone around them, nice, polite and stuff, but their hate is focused on some individual(s) for no reason? I mean everyone can recognize a crazy people thats so obivous
  5. Its not that simple, her friends are mine too, we move aorund at the same parties. No, she isnt on my list, hehe! I didnt want to bother my BF with this kind of stuff, because they are "friends" and this isnt such an important thing to mention, but maybe I should tell whats going on between us, so maybe I'll find out whats going on in here. Anyway thanks to everyone for your responses, I just wondered if anyone got into a situation like I did and what would you all do about it . You know its a creepy feeling when everyone thinks that person is nice, but you feel when someone is being evil to only you and making you drama for without being provocated
  6. Yes I do walk away always I am smarter then this people, nothing is logical when someone is crazy. Only logical explanation for this kind of behaviour is a creepy jelaousy :smileysurprised:
  7. LOL Guniess doesnt help people to mental cases like that, sorry :smileyvery-happy:
  8. Yes, and I dont mute people either its better to know what they are saying! I can handle freaks I'd be ok if it was only me involved into this arguments but when someone doesnt respect my partner who wasnt there then in front of his friends its a bad thing, I honestly think that LL should let play SL only to people who has passed psycho tests or have no "mental" records at shrinks, the world is so full of mentally disturbed people with real doctor diagnoses. I know about those people I've heard their RL stories
  9. Hello, I have one experience with one resident and it isnt lovely, but not worth to discuss about it! On a party with my friends 2 months ago a woman out of the blue started to insult me on nationality basis infront of my(our) friends I am polite and nice so I didnt argued I just said I appreciate your honesty, thank you for letting me know.The other incident happened 2 weeks ago when I was just telling her to chill and relax and that its not time nor place or nice to be so angry, then she started to call me names and lying to everyone I'm a **bleep** dating everyone. She did this for 2,3 mins. My friends (which are her friends too) tell me to mute and forget I mean I did that, but its not ok when someone insults me and my BF in front of our friends with this lies such as I am a "cheating" bitch. I didnt know that having a friends and talking with someone should mean I'd saduce them and take them into my bed.I didnt tell what is going on between us to my BF they are "friends" inworld. What can I do? Should I reported this psychopat and how?
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