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  1. Oh that definately, I will talk to him soon about some stuff. We don't date for ages, its kind of all semi fresh so we don't know each other well. I will tell him what I want, this is not the only thing that bothers me at the moment. I need to clear some things out with him and let him know exactly how I feel and what do I want. If he is so nuts about me, he will understand me and not thinking I'm some of a controll freak. And we will work this out, if not then I guess he isn't the one.
  2. LOL, no no it was vice versa! When I've met him his profile was blank...Just before we've met in RL I've seen that those groups appeared! No, nothing is problem for me, men can do whatever they want unless cheating with psychical contact, haha. My problem is that those groups appeared jusr before we've met and I'm not some jelaous freak, but I've also notced he is being a lots of time online in SL. But also when we are apart we talk mostly on SL chat because sometimes all other ways of communications get stuck, SL is the most stable when we cant talk on phone, while we are both busy or something
  3. The question is here. What if your man you met in SL and brought it to RL is a sex fantasies addict? I don't stalk him or anything, I also left SL since we met but I've seen his groups and I don't know what to think about it? He did have empry profile and before we met in RL those groups were there, visible. Is that normal? Should I've be pissed off or he i'm overreacting? I mean when we met in SL for the first time we had a nice convo, then we both became also got so sexually attracted to each other, then we started to do stuff people do when they are into each other. Then we've met and we did have sex, i thought it was just going to be that kind of stuff, but then he switched his game, he told me he is so much into me and that he wants to date me oficially. I agreed because I fell or all his kidness and how he treated me after we had sex. He told me like he is addicted to SL sex before as a joke, I don't have problems with it. But since he is my bf in RL I am a bit lost. I know I have him in RL and that SL shouldn't matter at all.
  4. Yes because I came here to build. then I started making many "friends" and dropped out of building! Now I realised that I just spent my precious time over what? Fake people mostly who are bored, who always complain about their irrelevant SL drama to me and waste my time. I dont need people in SL to function. I can entertain myself alone too. For example I could go to a club and lsiten just to the music, be on this forum, build, script, research mesh content, be creative! Thats so much funner then IM-ing, hanging out on SL facebook and so on...Honestly people in SL mostly bring me hedache, even my good friends sometimes, they just complain and want advices and IM when they mostly need something! I waste my time rather socialasing and meeting RL people then the ones over internet
  5. I always find people like this type you described! My every X, I had here wanted RL verification at Skype,, I was like what the hell? Why? I dont use Skype at all with my RL friends to videocall, why would I with some strangers??* Some let it go and stop & understand my reasons. But some of them never stop, the more you say NO the more they'll start to molest you with it. It was a harrasment too, it also took a minutes, one time 3 hours of arguments with this person, and me just logging off and saying bye! Relationship didnt last long, soon after 2 weeks I got tired from this person and dumped it all. I hate molesters, when I say NO its no! I'd go to a cup of coffe with SL "friend(BF)" instead of skyping or whatever :matte-motes-angry: I hate virtual friendships over voice, video... Maybe my X is your friend :matte-motes-big-grin: Sounds all familiar to me :matte-motes-big-grin: Tell him to FO! Next time just log off, belive me your friend wont stop untill you do it
  6. I love alts as long as they arent being evil and doing bad or illegal things or avoding me or someonelse, stalking on purpose :matte-motes-big-grin: Thats so freaky! Anyways its hard to ever find out if someone is an alt or just an impersonator or copybot maniac I had similar experience too, I am not sure either and I am lazy too! Hahaha, naked!! Awesome!
  7. I had serious relationships! The thing is my every BF wanted me not to have alts, they always thought I was cheating and so on it was more of the stress in here, not some getaway to relax and chill! Now they are all of course my exes! In fact they all wanted the names of my alts if I have any! I gave them! Today I just want to have fun here, nothing serious, que sera, sera! Right? Why wouldnt this be ok? As long as you have fun and you are ok, its all allowed. Right? It would be different if you or some of them wants to date you in RL or if it involeves a lots of RL activities over SL ones!
  8. No and no because of my experience I have today about SL! Ignorance is bliss. I had the same problem, many RL money invested, many scripts and other vlauble virtual business stuff! And this relationship I decided to end. I wanted to make an alt too, just to rest in peace in this game out of RL! When I ended it I've felt releaf. You dont own anyone in here anything! In the end you find out most of people here are fake and bored Then I deleted some of my friends 3 times of my list, they didnt do anything wrong to me, I just got bored of mass tp, party invites and so on. I wanted a peace, but only peace you can have is not by deleteing anyone from your list, but by getting imune to that disturbing IMs every 5 secs. If someone is annoying me today, I dont respond and if I ever respond I respond it when I want to. Real friends from SL wont be mad at you by ignoring them if you need a time or judge you, even if you hit delete button!
  9. Interesting story! I would also think its someone else's alt, for 20 minutes :matte-motes-big-grin:....After a while I would probably think I am a bit paranoid too. Why would you care if its alt or not. You had just sex and fun pixel stuff, right? Be direct you deserve it SL is a big place, millions of alts or avatars log in everyday and there is a very small number of SL creators per capita! Which brings us all to ware the same looks, moves, gestures and more... Do you know the inspect button on some of the viewers? Person can inspect attached prims of the creators to see who is the designer, and if the prim is copyboted or not. Maybe it just someone who liked your friend's looks and maybe bought all stuff the same! And guess what you can also see who was the last owner of the prims if they are give away/transfer For example I bought my skin & my shape from the famous body shop creator in SL.I always know who wares that type of brand immediately! So far as my clothes, hair and other things...I buy them on marketplace, mostly higlighted products because I am lazy to search and search and think about it, its not RL shopping apteral :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: My point is in SL everyone looks the same, wares the same clothes, AO's, dances and so on and so on...I freak out when I see an avatar who has the same skin as me and that creator's shape. Alt problems paranoia is hard to handle, you feel cheated you see someone looks like your friend inworld? Right? I am when I see some of the people who look like my friends in here, but then again I stop to wodner is it or it isnt him/her, why they hide? But I went over alt paranoia thingl, if I supose someone is trying to hide from me with his/her alt to avoid me- like you feel now because you sent Skype PM and so on...I am direct and go on the IM and ask! Why didnt you IM that person e.g. - why dont you go online with your main avatar or you just start IM-ing like its your friend who you asume it is! You have nothing to loose if it bugs you so much and you can always say like sorry but you look like my friends alt, I thought he was hiding from me! And do you know what is a copybot? Why didnt you IM this guy and say, hey why did you copybot my friend you both look the same, I will report you its not nice and its illegal you will get mac ban! Then you will see the reaction if this guy is a creator as you said he is, he would be freaked out and say it out loud, because no one who makes money here wants to get mac banned! :matte-motes-big-grin: I would do it like that.
  10. God, first of all I never seriously thought I'd go and meet in RL. Not because someone could be a maniac Because, I cant do it serious after 1 meeting, 1 date in RL...Craziness :matte-motes-agape: But its how this person approches SL relationships, which for me sounds and seems odd and spooky. Oh, well I could went there, come back and say to all my RL friends I AM ENGAGED, woohooo. I am getting married on 2nd date :matte-motes-big-grin: Secondlly: I never honestly belived much into this lovely words, but it feels good, right? So, I relaxed untill, pretty soon my real thoughts about this person and insticts showed 100 % true. My only problem is that I cant belive when someone dissapoints me alot, and I wont belive it. So i stay close a bit more then I should, but people never change, at least SL learnt me positive things. This experences here shook you up a 100 times more then it would if it was all RL Thiird I am glad you went out of it in RL! Its not easy...
  11. Yes, we all do loose it I guess at one point of time... And that is OK! But depends what is considered normal behaviour and what is mentally unhealthy behaviour :matte-motes-big-grin: If you get my point? I just dont want someone to get trought all this crazy things like I did with my ex, I wanted to share some of my story! Sometimes is good to wake up out of this dreams in here and stay cool and think clear and just to be honest, not taking other SL residents like your emotional puppet dolls or like pills! No one can solve other person's problems but themselfs
  12. Every guy I was partnered with in here, and I was with only 2 in this 1 year of my SL life asked me to skype. I refused both as long as I could. They unfortunatelly fell for my phisical looks and they molested me to show if I was real,. I didnt want it because showing myself to someone live or talking makes emotions more intense and more I guess... Then you can loose your mind and then what? Move to another continent and plan life with someone you never met? Yea right, time spent in here learnt me one thing and that is the only truth, what happens in SL stays in SL! Because when you think about it all long distance relationships dont work in 90 % of cases, why would skyping with stranger work out??? I will start giving links of some online dating sites to them if it happens again! So, yes SL changed! I was here before this avatar, then came back too. Nowdays residents freak me out, everyone seems more lonely then being friendly, relaxed, listeing to music, building. I dont say people should shut all their doors and build up walls, you never know what life, or SL brings you, but God dammit people, be spontaneous and normal, not "Deseperate housemen"
  13. Sorry I didnt think it was you! Anyways I didnt mean to be rude or cruel. If it happened to me, I'd wait or you could scare this person off. If you cant wait, be honest and you'll know what you can expect to go, or to move on. I hope the other person will be honest, I realised SL relationships are very very different then the RL ones! People use people mostly. Remember in here what you give form you emotions, you need to get it back 2, or 3 times more Good luck
  14. It happened to me in my last partnership! It ended up with regreting it all and loosing 3 months of my RL on some moron who didnt deserved it, instead of meeting potentional partners in RL. How to handle it? The way this person handles you, being a bit cold if those words bother you a lot! Ask youself a question how can someone lie to you on a first date for example in RL, someone you never met and tell you you are my everything, I finally found you, I love you? I guess you'd be freaked out. Somethings are meant to be unsaid for some period even if by small chances feel true!! STAY AWAY from SL people or real life ones who sound like a liars and who play with big words like its an everyday slang without meaning! They only bring trouble sooner or later!
  15. Have you ever met someone who has lost their head so so much in SL over someone all the time? Someone who meets their partners in RL after just a week or maximum 3 weeks and then make serious RL plans together? Is that person really stable or just lonely. Or am I just being shallow and hipocrat? I did, it took me time to figure it all out and ran the fastes I can without turning back... This person was crazy for me since day 1, talking and talking stuff how we are meant to be, about her/his RL issues, troubles, family problems! Is it fair when someone over a web practiclly emotionally abuse you (jelaousy, control in RL and so on...) and wants to own you? Has it ever happened to you? I am known for being an emotinal retard in RL and I dont get persons in so much, but it happened with this person. How can someone be so lonelly and desperate spending 24/7 in this game, talking the same stuff to all partners...To brake up with one partner, then go back to another RL/SL ex who humaliated her so much, and so on, and so on and always pushing RL things, like meating in person. Do people here went nuts? Now when I look back on my situation, I've seen I was a fool played by emotionally unstable person, for who I only felt pitty and my biggest issues is that i couldnt say no or be selfish to go offline, because of those stories and compasion with her/his past. I guess we all ignore the signs of emotional abuser, unhealthy relationshiop or depressed person. Sometimes I feel bad I cut it all off so cold, but I cant handle people who just suck your energy and want to controll you, their issues arent my problems. How to handle this stories, am I the only one that has been throught all this? Can people be more realistic and take it slow when you bring it to the next level (RL) I belive online relationships cant work out much! 1 out of 20 maybe, but mostly are just our illusions we creat about other people in here! P.S. my SL friends say to me all the time this person really liked me, pffffff. But I said it all to this person's face what I said to you now, a bit cruell, but reality is cruel!
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