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  1. How do I start a blog in SL?
  2. Normal, smaller sized, fitmesh breasts? VENUS DYNE for all those who want beautifully shaped, normal sized breasts. Galathir is the creator and his in-world store is Sinful Needs. On market Place the url is: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VENUS-DEYN-SMall-FitMesh-Breasts-3-variants-From-Sinful-Needs/6138219 He has just created 3 sets of differently sized breasts: Small, Medium, and Large. Each set has 3 different breast styles in it. Venus Dyne, the small set, includes: Slight, Modest, and Ample. The medium set includes perky, and they are! I tried Tango, Cherry Bomb, and all 3 demos of Venus. The breasts that looked most beautiful on me, and were the easiest to modify were Galathir's (especially the VENUS DYNE). They are head and shoulders above the others. My partner of 3 years fell in love with me all over again when he saw me in them. They fit all my tango appliers, and my skin has perfect matches for the breasts - all the color matches for tangos match the Galathir breasts, which is another reason I bought the Venus Dyne. Finally, I was very impressed by the customer service. Galathir spent an hour with me, teaching me the finer points of his HUD, and helping me use his HUD to fine tune my breasts. Most of you will not need or want this fine tuning - they look great straight out of the box, but I am a picky perfectionist Virgo, so... Lol Everyone should try all the demos, and make up her own mind. Sadly, Lola's line has no demos, so I've no idea what the Deliq look like on me. I liked their tangoes very much, but the Venus Dyne are so much better! I do advise you, don't make your decision based on the popularity of any one brand. Popularity is often related to good marketing skills, so don't buy a commercial. Buy the breasts that look and feel as terrific on you, as my Venus Dynes look and feel on me. Hugs and happy hunting!
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