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  1. Ahhhh, yes, THAT link. Well, we can't all be smarter than we look :-) Link bookmarked and ticket submitted, thanks again.
  2. Hey, hi Rolig Loon, Thanks for your response. Where would I find 'Land & Region >> Report an Offline Region'? I looked around for that menu but couldn't find it. Is that in the Viewer, or is that on this Answers webpage?
  3. I checked the grid report: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ and there was no mention there. I don't know where else to check for reports/updates on this. Any thougths appreciated.
  4. Also, I have an Anti-Ruth object that I rezz and sit on when this happens. I found it for free somewhere in my travels. I guess, if your still having problems, you could IM me and I could share a copy with you.
  5. OK, yes, thank you, I was able to access my prefernces uncheck the SOCKS 5 server and check the http server box. But, now, when I click on someones profile I get a blank profile and this error message: Proxy server not found. Should I start a new ticket, or do you have any other ideas up your sleeve? :-)
  6. Don't ask me why, but under preferences I changes the proxy settings, now I can't log in at all, at all. I get this error message: Could not connect to SOCKS 5 proxy server ":1080". I'd love to log in and just go back to the default setting, whatever they were. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Sure enough. Preferences > Sounds and Media > Voice Chat > uncheck 'Enable' Thanks Sue!
  8. I think a good shape is one that doesn't look like barbie, unique is good.
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