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  1. My Funsies Armoire recently just stopped working. I contacted Rebekah and her response was that since I changed my SL name (which is still linked to my new name FYI) I would either have to buy a whole new armoire for $750L or I could pay her brother $5000L to reset that one piece of furniture. Hmmm...so instead of just being honorable and giving good customer service to a customer of 3 years who has given non-stop business to this brand, I am to pay for another armoire that she created and can easily just give me a replacement at no cost. Yeah, I'd definitely say avoid Funsies just because
  2. My original SL family was great until drama happened due to cheating. Lying and disrespect are problems in SL just like they are in RL but some people like to say SL is just a game so it doesn't matter...blah, blah, blah, eye roll. This expression gets used a lot because it's true: "There are real people behind these avatars." People have feelings that get hurt by mean-spirited people on SL just like in RL. If people are just popping into people lives and hurting them by being liars than that's a problem no matter where you are. If things are discussed clearly and honestly from the begin
  3. Hi! My SL name is Stella Maris - call me Stells. I've been on SL for 8 years now. When I started, I had a great group of friends but over the years RL stole them from me. I have been in and out of SL over the past few months but want to come back on a more consistent basis. I have 3 amazing SL sisters who I love to pieces but they are in dating / partnered mode and I just want to explore and go dancing and have fun so I feel bad tearing them away from their partners. I love all types of music. Prince is my favorite artist but it's hard finding Prince friends on SL nowadays. I love SL g
  4. I order 20 items and only 12 were able to be delivered before my IMs were capped. I see it says the new way to handle this problem is to just contact the seller, but when click on the seller's name it doesn't give u contact information. It was waaay easier the original way because now this is a hassle if it's more than one seller u have to contact. It's 8 different items all with different sellers. Was much less of a hassle to just copy/paste the item numbers to a form. I waited the 24hour time period and no delivery. Please help! Thanks, Stella :-D
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