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  1. Just a friendly reminder: My IMs get capped, so if you wish to message me when I am offline, please send me a notecard! For those that are replying to my job request, title your notecard(s) 'Seeking employee' . I would appreciate a list of your wants and needs for your business and what positions you are looking to get filled. Once done, please make sure to leave your contact information, including the best way for me to contact you as well as a landmark to your business! I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you, Cherry
  2. Hi there, I am looking for a flexible job that I can do while being a full-time student and after I find employment in real life, so my job in Second Life will have to be a weekend type gig. Past employment experience: ▫️ Dancer ▫️ Stripper ▫️ Hostess Hobbies: ▫️ Dancing ▫️ Photography ▫️ Modeling ▫️ Blogging ▫️ Exploring ▫️ Videography (Vlogging) Type of employment that I am interested in: ▫️ Modeling ▫️ Photography ▫️ Blogger ▫️ Dancer ▫️ Host I am trying to keep away from stripping and escorting. I have stripped before, but I'm in a different place in my life and would li
  3. Every time I try to open Firestorm, the program says that I need to update my drivers, so I did. Tried it again, and it said the same thing and that if I did, I need to do it again or get help from you guys. I'm really frustrated and have never had any problems before with Firestorm. HELP ME PLEASE!
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