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  1. You know it's funny I placed a order 4 days ago, that say would take 3 days, I seen it just keep dropping, and not even getting my lindens, so is that how it works, you order it, says it takes 3 days when it actually takes longer and the price keeps dropping meaning making you pay more, I don't know about most people but I'm in Canada, and any deal I get is a good deal, but this is bull. Do they think people are that stupid?
  2. First off, Hi Everyone, ok my question is this, if you place an order for linden on the exchange for 273 and it says 2 days, you place it on the 20th of Oct, by the 27th of oct, you close it, you than place another other at 271 and it says 2 days, you go back it says 270 and it will be 10 minutes, but your still not getting your lindens. How does that work????? I see all these great answer but when you place an order and don't get it for 2 days and place another other for same rate, but less money and get it, there is something wrong.
  3. I am a sim owner and was wondering if there was any way I could make my sim both adult and mature rating? Ok so there is no way to have both.
  4. Hey can someone help me, someone is making so none of my security sends me emails, I have tried reseting them and everything and it still will not send me emails. Can you please help plus I have something on my land that isn't showing up so I can't find it. It's called TH-4-6G-00011772: 4.2.5, I have serveral secuity on my land and every one of them stopped sending me email. and I tryied to reset them, but now they will not send me any email. I did all searches on my land that you do it doesn't find that script. and I bought some stuff off of Market and they do not findiing it. So it's in an object of some kind and nothing finds it. This is what I get [02:12] TH-4-6G-00011772: 4.2.5: New Product Version Required, please Update via owner Menu! But there is nothing on my land called that. So I don't know how to find it.
  5. Is anyone else getting this error An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log. My friend R1card0 resident is getting this error and can't log into the site or post so I have to do it for him. He is get this when he try to log in with his company or his iphone ok he can get on the web site he can shop. It's just when he goes to log in to buy something it will not let him log in and he turned off his firewalls and still nothing
  6. Well glad to see Im not the only one who cant log in
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