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  1. I was told there's an alert when someone is zoomed in on you.I just can't seem to figure out how to enable that feature.
  2. Oh he did have a person on a leash and after they both fully rezzed he said crgrab.Thanks....now I know.
  3. A guy was running around my SIM for a few seconds touching everything,just before that he entered crgrab in open chat.I was wondering if that was a copy command of some sort.If someone asked I might share a texture or even an object.I just don't like someone taking what ever they feel like without asking.
  4. for a year and 7 months I have used a PC with an ATI Radion HD 4200 integrated graphics.I use weapons on zombie SIMs and I have pretty good results.Let's put it this way it's been good enough to keep me playing for waaay over a year.Every texture is as clear/sharp as they can be.If they could be even better....then that would be cool.If I had to open up my PC and put $300.00 worth the dual graphics cards in just to get a notch better graphics that would suc.I have been pricing cards and reading reviews for a wile because I would always like to have better.Around 300 bucks seems to be about what I would spend.However a lot of the jibber jabber seems to indicate that if you have an HP PC running windows 7 and you start to put new graphics cards in you're opening a can of worms that are bound to cause problems for the life of your PC.That's if you know how to load driver updates and all that.Most people end up messing up their Windows 7 OS all together and have to go buy a new copy and install it on another PC then load it on to their HardDrive that they hook up as a slave drive to another PC.Does that sound like it's worth it for a notch better graphics?If you enjoy pulling your PC apart and spend the time you would otherwise be spending shooting stuff in SL then by all means knock yourself out.....Most HP PCs are about 500-750 bucks.They have up to 8 gigs of Ram,Quad Core processors,1 terabyte Harddrives and some kind of ATI Radion integrated graphics.Personally I think it would be great if the offered a PC with better graphics included right out of the box.The fact that they don't tells me that maybe they know better?
  5. wow those type of messages are common to yahoo messenger and other message applications.Still the day that kind of stuff can follow you to SL is sad.
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