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  1. It became amusing when updating to Second Life Viewerv3.6.7 (281236). Please correct. It was repaired when changing to front view. http://img01.slmame.com/usr/flstyle/13092104.jpg When updated, it means that it was troubled very much. reading of a texture is bad -- it seems that it is different somehow although - was thought It will float, if it is made a setup of night, although somehow corrected in the highlight. Although returned I want you to stop such update. If it sees from other persons who updated, it will be visible to strange touch. I think that the direction which is not making the mesh avatar from a highlight is influential. It happened before that a part of hair of hair becomes amusing. Since it is affected, I am disagreeable. It cannot respond to change of such environment. http://flstyle.slmame.com/
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