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  1. My only concern right now is that cntrl alt studio is no longer in development and is no longer supported. I know they released a version that works with the CV1, and new runtimes, but are they going to continue updates? Because right now its pretty broken as it is and it has very lowsy performance. Hopefully a more competent developer picks up the code and introduces it to a popular viewer or at least does a better job at supporting it than Linden Labs. What a big lowsy dissapointment on Linden Labs end, though I can't say anything they have ever done was good for the community other than mesh. The standard LL viewer itself is garbage as it is with all these random UI changes, and throwing in stuff that is seemingly unnoticed and doesn't help with performance. I'm afraid all we will get out of LL in the future from this point forward is just dissapointing garbage.
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