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  1. Shortness of Script is not my priority... rather the Naturalness of the start and stop of rotation is the most important thing. I would tend not to use llSetKeyframedMotion, because this would simulate a single spin of the wheel and all spins would be the same. Rather I would like to base the initial speed of the rotation on the impulse applied to the wheel, and from there have a natural deacceleraton.
  2. OK so I can make a wheel slow gradually using a timer to slow the rotation but this does not really appear natural. It seems that with with physics, one could probably write a script showing a naturally slowing wheel (after it is initially spun) that slows down naturally, with very few script statements. Do any of our rotation experts know how to do this?
  3. Thanks Rolig - The discussion you pointed me to is quite worthwhile...
  4. I tried using LLSensor but it seems to exclude objects attached to an avatar. I then tried to script an object that I wore, hoping to navigate the attached objects in the avatars linkset, but that does not work either. I just want to be able to generate a script report showing the scripted items and their script stats. I get lots of people coming onto my sim wearing a ridiculous number of scripts an then they think I am the bad guy for asking them to shed them. Most don't even understand that those old resizer scripts in their boots are active and chewing up memory. So I need a simple tool that they can sit on or wear that will let them know what things they are wearing and their processing impact.
  5. ORACUL -- has some very unique AO's that are extremely well priced. A great value.
  6. Hi, I have been working with llTransferLindenDollars a lot lately. My experience is there are very few reasons why the transfer will fail, once you have the Transaction ID, because if the SL payment server is up and running fine enough to give you the Transaction ID, it will complete the payment. The most common reason why the payment would not becompleted is that the DEBIT PERMISSION was not granted or there is not enough money in the owner's account. So your logic in transaction_result does not make too much sense. If the transaction fails once, chances are it will just fail again and again.. You are just setting up an endless loop. Instead, send a message out to the owner of the script or anyone else who can fix the cause of the problem.
  7. Hi -- I have HTTP Communication working nicely between my scripts and my server, using PHP. However, I now have a sigle script HTTP request that results in a lot of data coming back from the server. >>> Is the any way my one script request can result in multiple server responses, so that the data from each response is recieved in separate http_response events , or even by separate scripts? Currently when I try send out separate responses from my PHP program, my script is getting all the data packed together, in one http_response event, even though it is sent using separate RETURN statements of different php functions. Many thanks for considering this question in advance.
  8. Hello... I have board that displays a timer which slides from all green to all red over the course of 15 seconds. If the user makes a selection within the 15 seconds the the timer is reset to all green so that they may make another selection. This continues until the user presses a button to indicate that he is finished. The problem is that even though the statement is getting executed to reset the timer, the timer animation does not always reset but just continues as if the script commands to stop animation and restart annimation were not issued. Here is a small funcion I use to start or stop the timer. // FUNCTION SET TIMER setTimer(integer timer_start) { // Timer_Start is a logical if (timer_start) { llSetLinkTextureAnim (linkTimer,ANIM_ON | SMOOTH, ONE, 2, 1, 0.0, 2.0, .066); llSetTimerEvent(TIMEOUT_SELECTION); } else { llSetTimerEvent(STOP_TIMER); llSetLinkTextureAnim(linkTimer, FALSE, ONE, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO_FLOAT, ZERO_FLOAT, UNIT_FLOAT); } So in my script I setTimer( TRUE) at the beginning of a selection then if a selection is made I setTimer (FALSE) to reset the clock and reposition the texture to the beginning, then setTimer(TRUE) to restart the clock and the animation. If I don't reset the texture before restarting the animation, then the animation NEVER restarts. Usually the function works, but does not very occationally. Of course, even very occationally is a problem. Does anyone have any suggestion on how I could get the texture animation to work consistently??? Many thanks for your thoughtful consideration of this problem.
  9. Hi ... Thank you both for the information. The Google API enables you to make HTTP calls from various languages like PHP to gather / populate data to / from the various Google apps. So I was hoping that maybe someone has tried it. If you have done it, then I would appreciate an example. If I come up with success myself, I will add it to the wiki. Thanks
  10. Hello, I would like to be able to add and retrieve events on my Google calendar from SL, and possible access other google apps too. Does anyone have a working example of the LSL HTTP request one would make to the Google API to integrate with Google Calendar? I have set up my calendar, registered my applicaton with google, generated the API key, but still don't seem to be able to correctly connect to the google calendar app.
  11. By chance I discovered that after I successfully execute a llRequestURL, any script in any object owned by any AV in that sim can issue HTTP Requests against the server. This seems to open up all sort of security issues. My question is, is this feature working as intended? I have read through all the messages in this forum concerning securing HTTP Requests, but was wondering which approach to securing HTTP requests gives the best results for the effort?
  12. The LUCKY COQ Gaming Club is the currently lucky for host to work 2 hour shifts at least 4 times per week, especially for shifts 10am - 4 pm and 10pm - 2 am. The Lucky Coq is one of the newest and fastest growing gaming clubs in SL. We have a well established greedy clientele and host a GNG Tournament table. We are on our own Adult Rated sim, and we often get somewhat bawdy crowds, but our customers are also extremely friendly and generous. We are open to customers of all types, gay and gay friendly. Hosts at the LC recieve 100% of their tips, a fixed commission on sales, and occasional bonus. We work with host opening up new shifts to make thier effort worth their while. We are known for having quite entertaining and friendly hosts. If interested, please contact myself or MrLuckyDick inworld.
  13. Rolig, I had one follow up question. you said, BTW, if you have that many links to keep track of, don't do it with link numbers. Name your links and address them by name in your script. That way you don't have to mess with numbers in your scripts if you relink your object. So in the past, I have a fixed formula for where a specific link should be in each group of prims. I could set an attribute of a specific prim from my root prim using a setlinkedprimitiveparamfast using the formula ( initial-link-offset + ((#number of widget unit - 1) * number of prims in each widget unit ) + widget-offset-in-each-unit. No that the linkset seems to be renumbering itself with it is edited, this fixed formula just does not work anymore. How would you suggest that I now address prims by name in the script, since one cannot use a prim name in a setlinkedprimitiveparamfast. The only way I can figure out a way is that when the linkset is initializing, each prim sends out a message to the root identifying its unit group number (in the prim name) and its own link number. The root prim can then recieved the messages and save the messages for future use. (In my situation, the main prim of each group with also have to know the linknums of its constiuants.) The negative of using this approach is that I will have to add scripts into each prim (if each prim does not already have one). Is there a simpler way to address links by name?
  14. Thanks Rolig. I figured addressing the prims by name rather than by link number was the answer. I just have to redo several old scripts that were link dependent. I wanted to make sure that the link numbers were no longer trustworthy.
  15. Hi and in advance for any insight you might have with this problem. I am building a scripted object that has about 150 links and is composed mostly of repeating units of 10 prims, each group containing scripts for that units operation with the root prim having a script that controls all the units. The problem is that in the latest version of Firestorm and SL Viewers, the linkset is often getting renumber, even if I am just updating a script in one of the groups. I use link numbers in my scripts, so the renumbering is really causing a problem. Does anyone else have a problem with renumbering of linksets like this and if so, how is the best way to work around it?
  16. Thanks. The problem I have is that my client refuses to have anything with mesh in it because he is afraid he will lose customers who do not have mesh enabled viewers. Sounds like I need to stick to torqued forward facing prims for now, unless anyone else has a suggestion.
  17. Hi - I know you can torque a prim to get 5 forward facing faces... and I know that you can make a mesh panel with up to 8 perfectly flat forward facing faces.. But is it possible to have sculptie, like a mesh panel, that has 5 or more perfectly flat forward facing faces, that will take a texture without distortion???? A mesh maker told me that it was possible, but said he did not have time to do it for me. On marketplace I can find lots of mesh panels like this, but cannot find any sculpties like this to buy. Can anyone tell me if it is possible, and if so where I might be able to purchase a full perm one for a project I am working on. Many thanks!
  18. I already own a full region and want to adjoin both a homestead and an openspace region. If you have either of these types of land available, please contact me me with the price of the land including transfer fees and the date teir fees are due.
  19. Thanks in advance for your assitance. I would like my club to appear in sl SEARCH Listings. But for some reason, the Parcel Details checkbox for "Show Place in Search" seems to automatically get unchecked. I have checked it many times and still it keeps getting uncheck. I have been on this land now for over 3 months, so I don't understand what the problem is. The land is deeded to my group, and I wonder if the checkbox gets unchecked because the 30 L listing fee is not being collected from the group owner (me.) Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? This is the surl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pymarid%20Island/42/108/25
  20. Wow, yes a very nice script Rolig. Thank you. With the information you have provided, it looks like I can also use the lists to buffer my greeting transactions then, then offload the actual dabase database updates to a slow time of the day when people are not around. Many thanks
  21. I am creating a store Greeter that saves in a website database the visitors to a store. The script will communicate with a visitor in a variety of ways based up his most recent visit and purchase history. Connectiing to the database is fairly straight forward using llHTTPRequest, but I have question regarding performance trade offs. So as to not connect to the database everytime a person walks in the store, I had planned on keeping a list to keep a UUID of the the last 100 user to enter the store, so I would only connect to the database if the visitor was not already in the list. But in reviewing LIST documentation in the LSL Wiki, I ran across a statement that lists are not implement in a performance conscious manner and their use should be restricted to very short lists. This information I read on the LSL Wiki seemed a bit old, and I was wondering if saving and searching a 100 item list of UUIDs is worse than the alternative of accessing the database everytime oneone enters the store? m My questions
  22. Hi -- I am working on an script so that a user is able to send a dialog to a friend, but the friend may not be nor ever have been in the same region as the user. llLoadURL seems to work grid-wide, but the problem is I am not wanting to show the friend a webpage URL, just a text message. For the purposes of this discusssion, sending an IM is not a vaid option. The result needs to be a very noticable pop-up box. Are there any other LSL or tricky http options that might provide what I am looking for?
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