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  1. Operators who have applied for an operator licence and that is still not approved or refused can still operate games after the 1st of August as per "you may continue to operate games of skill while your application is being reviewed." But would they still be able to operate on a NOT Skill gaming regions while their application is being reviewed ?
  2. A sworn affidavit must be notarized, I believe ?
  3. Why do both proposed creators and operators need to provide reasoned legal opinions? As creators and operators of skill games are differently situated, unique reasoned legal opinions will be required for each creator and operator application. Each reasoned legal opinion should describe the skill game(s) submitted to Linden Lab for approval and provide a detailed analysis of how the skill game(s) (including the applicant’s role in creating and/or operating such skill game(s)) will be in compliance with applicable United States and international law. For additional clarity, while creators will have control over the development and creation of a skill game, operators will have control over the continued operation of, and govern participation in, such skill games. Accordingly, each reasoned legal opinion will need to address the applicable perspective and its related risks. You still did not explain why the operator should provide a reasoned legal opinion describing the skill game(s) submitted to LL ??? It's not the operator but the creator who needs to send the games for approval ! We do not know how the GAMES WORK and we do not know which games we will rez yet !
  4. Completely agreed with Gaia. Please Linden answer to these questions.
  5. "The main reason the new policy effectively bans skillgaming in sl for 95+% of gameroom owners is the application process and its requirements. If it were -just- the $100 application fee, that could be absorbed. If it were -just- the raise in tier costs for gaming sims, it could be absorbed.. but what absolutely cannot be absorbed is the attorney fees and retainers assiociated with obtaining written legal opinions on each game a game room has. There is dozens of variety of games in SL, and not only do the creators have to pay an attorney for this service, but the policy states the operator must as well. This is -Impossible- for any operator to provide, unless they are also the game's creator. Attorneys deal in facts, and any legitimate attorney will not give an opinion unless its based in known fact. As a gameroom operator, I rely COMPLETLY on the creator to affirm that the game complies with SL TOS. It is Impossible for me to know FOR A FACT that it does or not, because I do not have access to the source code. This is a common sense problem and its a huge flaw in the gaming policy. Operators SHOULD not have to pay huge attorney fees to get legal letters written thus making startup cost prohibitive. Operators CAN not be expected to supply legal opinions from attorneys about virtual inworld goods that they do not have access to the source code, and thus cannot verify the wether a game has 'a material part' of chance/skill. They simply dont have enough evidence to make that kind of determination." I completely agree with Octavia ! This new TOS must be a draft. Linden Lab should start reviewing their new TOS and reading the last comments. It is not with the same copy/paste of the community manager that the situation will change. Therefore I advise that NO OPERATORS request a licence until we get an official answer from LINDEN on this forum about the questions raised and the review of the TOS !
  6. Anyone knows how to appear in the search page Events with a picture ?
  7. Is it possible to buy products on the marketplace and resell the products on our shop ?
  8. hi, thanks for all these informations. It cost $100 to make a group or L$ ?? its expensive the money you make by you or an employee is send directly to you or to the group ? You need to be the owner of the land to devided and make boxes to rent or somethings like that ? Is it possible to make an area (club) paying to enter ? thanks
  9. thanks for your answer but you do not respond to the questions on my post. for exemple an estate agency... How to pay salaries ? How to receive earnings ? is it auto ? how to employ someone ? to make someone manager ?,...
  10. Hi all, I would like to know all the steps to create a company ? (how) How to pay salaries ? How to receive earnings ? is it auto ?, how to employ someone ? to make someone manager ?,...... ect Thank you in advance, Regards
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