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  1. apparently there is no way for me to wear 2 tattoo on 2 different layers the one on the neck is on the "clothing" layer the one on the arms is on the "underwear" layer after 30 seconds half left arm becomes visible and slowly all the tattoo on the arms disappear body is belleza jake. is there a way to fix this or i should just give up the idea to wear multiple tattoes?!
  2. just updated my avi after 4 years still not satisfied
  3. are all third part bento hands hud/animations compatible with the belleza jake?! cause yesterday i went into the Slink mainstore and evey time i sit on the idle hands animations demo my whole mesh body has deformed for some reason and i had to relog to fix it if you are going to do it tell me, i am with you!!! i hate this ****!!!
  4. i recently updated my avatar and i am struggling due to my bento hands being splayed for people who look me while i see them normal on my viewer my body is belleza jake so i red i have to buy an ao bento but all the male bento ao are pretty bad imho so is there a way i can fix this problem keeping my old ao?! can i solve it if i buy the slink idle animation bento hands hud and run it on belleza jake hands with my old ao?!
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