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  1. Unless you're willing to go strictly on people's opinions, you might want to check out SL's system requirements. Looking at those, you'll see that the iMac you ordered (which must be old--no current one fits those specs) doesn't meet minimum CPU requirements. Whatever you buy, use that page to prevent another potentially costly mistake. BTW, SL runs fine on a Mac if you get one that meets the software's (ridiculous) specs, of at least it did the last time I was in-world. The only rendering problems I saw were directly related to people's trashy builds.
  2. After three weeks or so of not wanting to bother logging in to SL, I start to wonder if I might be missing something. So, I check the forums first, and, like every time before, I find someone complaining with great distress about something utterly trivial. Then, I go do something else.
  3. While it helps some to be able to change the font size in preferences, grey text on white is still a bad idea. I also don't like that this board software ignores Firefox's built-in spellchecker in favor of its own. A real problem, though, is that even though I set my privacy settings so that I don't show as being logged in, I still see my login listed on the front page of the forums. I'm hoping that changes when I log in again.
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