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  1. You wrote: 4) LAND Thoughts: Right now only a sim owner can set the textures of the land. Land and SL water is ground level only Questions: Will a parcel owner, no matter how small, be able to set the textures and landscape the land they own? Will it be possible to make walkable 3rd dimensional lands in the sky? What about SL water in the sky? _______________________________________________________________________________________ Why would you want a parcel owner to be able to set a different ground texture ? To have snow, beach, rock, mud, jungle, all mixed up in a single
  2. You said earlier: "We will continue to invest in SL and keep improving and have no plans for any shutdown." -------- sounds nice but who is supposed to run it ? You left only a small team to monitor things in 1.0 while most Linden's seem to be working on 2.0 now. Bug fixing for example seems not to be of any interest for you anymore. For example: That well known bug causing land owners receiving an error message on their very own land saying "rezing is not possible because the owner of the land does not allow it". Only a sim restart can solve this issue for a short time before the sam
  3. Ebbe I hope you read Macklin Deckard's original comment because I couldn't agree more to this ! Straight to the point. I will not migrate to any new grid - I will stick with 1.0 as long as it is fun and my business runs stable and after that I am done with Linden Lab. Migrating ? Investing all that money again ? tens of thousands of $US ? - Maybe only to find out after a year or two that 2.0 is not working out and they shut it down ? Migrating back to 1.0 after that - or to 3.0 ? - It was you who said in your original posting they you cannot say wether or not you will shut down the old or
  4. As much as I understand the need of technical innovation - the success of Second Life does not only depend on that. The main reason why Second Life is struggeling for some years is not hecause we need new stuff - what we need is new staff. - We need more, better support. We need 24/7 Live Chat as Second Life is open 24/7. - We need an abuse team that cares and act quickly and does not operate as a shadow army but interacts with users. - We need a TOS which recognizes that user created content is owned by the creator and we need the Lab to protect them - We need bug fixes ( just 1 ex
  5. If they will put focus on content creators as the primary customer they should know that only a very small number of Second Life users actually are content creators. 95 % are content BUYERS and the Lab may very well end up with having the creators on the new grid and their customers remaining on the old grid for a very long time. Because it will take a damn long time before the new workd will be a world worthy to migrate to - for a long time there will be no clubs, no events, no homes, no nothing - many will create an avatar over there to look around but that will be it - all their friends, fa
  6. Those who have been in Second Life in 2008 already may still remember what happened when Linden Lab suddenly announced to raise tier for homesteads by 67 % overnight and short time after assuring us that tier prices are stabile and won't be touched. When thousands of residents dropped their homestead land within four weeks. I still see all those avatars with their black flags and that red hand symbol occupying all Linden owned buildings, help centers and other public places for days and weeks. And those were only residents who owned homestead land. THIS will affect ALL who invested lots o
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