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  1. Physics mesh not working

    Oooh, Prim is what did it. Thank you so much!
  2. Physics mesh not working

    I'm trying to create a room with doorways and walls and have it behave as you'd expect. I have a separate very simple physics model. It looks great in the preview window: the yellow collision areas are right where they should be. When I upload it, SL seems not to use this physics model, but to create its own that envelops the object. Since it's a room, this means it makes a big cube you can't enter. I attach pictures of the room (in SL) and the physics model (in Blender). The room is in two parts-- floor and walls. The floor part is OK. The physics model shown is just planes, but I've tried cubes and they don't work either. When I had the walls and floors together, same thing. Is there any way to tell SL to really, really use the physics model I provide?