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  1. I'm looking to hire a sim designer to build a gorean themed area. It'll generally have a medieval fantasy theme. It's not a full city but instead a villa set up with one economic purpose. Of course we can get into more details in person. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/384917099388508524/ The homestead is completely untouched, has the full 5000 prims and you will be terraforming, building structures, landscaping, etc. It's your canvas to paint on. You can reply here or IM me inworld at Olympia Oakleaf. Please have examples of previous work available. Thank you
  2. Hello! We just rented part of a parcel, 933 prims, and aren't sure how to fill it up. Gorean themed, there will be a tavern and a house with a dungeon basement. Need to see pictures of previous work. Contact Olympia Oakleaf or reply here
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