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  1. So I updated my viewer and now my water doesn't look right. I took this picture with my graphics set on ultra. I asked my friend when he was on does he see definition in the water and he could, ya know...white wave lines/reflection etc, yet mine is just...like this... On all default graphics settings it just stays the same...Any ideas? Thanks everyone :matte-motes-grin: Addtional info: As requested this stuff doesn't mean much to me but my PC is the old dredded Vista! (It has always worked surprisingly well for me) AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor. 3800+ 2.00 GHz. ATI Radeon Graphics Pr
  2. Hey everyone, Ive had an weird mini map glitch the last couple of days. The yellow dot is me, however when I move a green dot also appears around me....this is still me but it usually moves a small bit ahead/behind me...here is a pic. Any idea's on how to fix this as it is bugging me. Plus in crowded places where I havent rezzed properly I keep thinking I am moving some poor sod around infront of me. Thanks!
  3. I believe your customer support is absolutely disgusting if I'm honest. For example: Camera Spin issue with new viewer I had. I opened a case on 09/02/2010....and wait for it...I had no response until...02/11/11!!!!!!! The case was closed on 04/22/11 after you were unable to resolve the issue. I have tried everything. I refuse to pay out any cash to fix YOUR BUG and all you keep saying is I am a basic member and refer me to SL Answers and Jira. Firstly, Jira was created for residents to feel productive about bugs and issues they have, whilst you completely ignore them as they are classed as
  4. Hey everyone, Im selling this for less than i paid for it to hurry things along abit. Mainland, great neighbors. I used this in 2 seperate parts @ 1800 ft neighbors with stores, very friendly, opportunity for commercial use. On ground I had a personal use campsite. 1054 prims - 4608 sq.m @ 2.2L sq.m Tis here.... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tihuta/105/193/29
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