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  1. Hello Madelaine Thank you so much for your reply---i'll check it out.
  2. Hi everyone! I have the opposite problem: i don't know what I did to make these X.Y.Z. coordinates appear---how do I clear them? This simpleton would appreciate any help----thanks in advance
  3. Lesley dah----ling:: At age 26, have you no feminine wiles nd charms to go fishing for a sugar daddy?-----just sayin'
  4. NealCrz wrote: Not sure I can articulate this but going to try as I'd love some broad perspective from around the world. Been on SL 6 years and let myself love someone a couple times, once over a year and rl visits were part of one. It's really easy to meet girls on here and could go there like a noob if i wanted too but won't because of what I call measured love. I find "measured love" seems to be what people want on SL at least as far I've seen. If i had to sum up what I've seen a lady likes on sl would be a need to be loved, to be desired, and cared for. They want someone who's fai
  5. Kristin Burner wrote: mew mew mew meeeeeewwwwwww :matte-motes-asleep: I did that once, but one phone call to linden labs, a few excuses about why i lied about all that stuff they wanted from me and then they reset my password. Nowadays i think if i forgot my password i would actually rejoice and run downt he hall screaming, I AM FREEEE, FREEEE, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, never to be seen again :matte-motes-big-grin: nudges your elbow and sighs-----ya--- i know what you mean----then goes hunting for a magic pill :matte-motes-little-laugh:
  6. Siryn Rosse wrote: ..with that said, I still wouldn't recommend SL as a dating service in general... for all the reasons stated in other threads in this forum. But sometimes stuff does work out. I guess it takes patience, honesty, and trust... in epic proportions. Wow, Siryn---that is truly remarkable! Big hugs to you two---and many more!:heart:
  7. Perrie Juran wrote: I thought we were all descended from the Primitar? Thanks for the nostalgic walk through prehistoric "olden" days :matte-motes-little-laugh:
  8. Thank you for checking out my thread----property has been sold.
  9. Looking for that special hideaway? Here is a lovely secluded parcel surrounded by water: L$17500 / 4080m/ 933 prims: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lodestone/177/225/39
  10. duh! thnx Amethyst :matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  11. Wynn Wrentling wrote: Looking for that special hideaway? Here's a charming parcel on the water ---4080m/ 933 prims/ General---L$17500. duh!----here it is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lodestone/177/225/39 :matte-motes-confused:
  12. Looking for that special hideaway? Here's a charming parcel on the water ---4080m/ 933 prims/ General---L$17500.
  13. Laughing my arse off here---someone's gonna have to peel me off the floor . Thanks a bunch for the laughter , Willow---muwaaah! :matte-motes-kiss:
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