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  1. I have, yes. One of those 'nobody fashion like me'- sort of people. I guess my best bet is to wait around one of the places they go and hope. They do look sort of low quality so wouldn't surprise me if they were from a L$ 300 set and not L$ 500 on their own.
  2. Recently I found these shoes in a flickr album, but I've never been able to actually find them on the marketplace or in-world. I've pretty much looked through any combination of 'stud, studded, sneakers, platform, shoes' etc. Seems nearly impossible to find them, so any help would be greatly appreciated. http://puu.sh/8SQo8.jpg
  3. I've tried across several sims, with and without lag, own pre-made objects (clothing and what not) and other peoples stuff. And so far, only my own simple prims work. http://i.imm.io/PeHx.png I've never ticked "Select only my objects", and don't really know what else could be wrong.
  4. I can see the XYZ of any self-made object just fine, just not anything any others have made, even though being able to move, resize and rotate them.
  5. So basically what the title says. I've lost the coordinates part of my 'Edit' window. They're just simply greyed out. I've toyed around with settings but they don't seem to come back. What causes this and how do i fix it?
  6. Basically i had an idea to simulate a way of typing of a webcomic character, and it would probably be the simplest through several gestures, changing every single letter to something else, but i kinda wondered if it would be possible to make all these (Probably towards 50 gestures) into one attachment? I've seen it done in command-controlled dance tools, but no idea how it actually works. Any easy way to do this?
  7. I'm currently using Exodus, but i tried phoenix and couldn't find it. Support is empty so i suppose i have to find it myself
  8. Ah. I see now. Only the default viewer had the option, or atleast only i nthe default i could find it, but it seems to work now. Thanks a lot!
  9. I was allowed to place a box with the gesture inside at a friends sim, and currently it looks like this: http://tinyurl.com/col2flv I suppose i still have to upload it to the actual market, and i read there's some thing i need to do in-game first? I pretty much just want it to be a simple buy from the marketplace.
  10. I.. Don't believe i have. I looked through a few guides but none of them made a lot of sense. Where do i do this?
  11. So I'm trying to put up a simple gesture for sale, just to try it out, but it says to tick the "allow in search" box, yet, i can't find it? I've got full perm as i made it myself, made a store in the marketplace and what not, still no luck. What am i doing wrong?
  12. I've been moving them around and unboxed new copies and all kinds of stuff. No workies.
  13. I've been looking a few times a day now for 3-4 days. No workie.
  14. They're mod copy, but no transfer. Don't know if transfer would make a difference? It's part of a DYI-skin replacement and it's all the person behind them, did, so they surely must work somehow.
  15. So basically i got an avatar and a reskin of it, in the form of textures. I need to apply said textures, but they dont pop up in the list of textures available for use, nor can i drag drop onto. Anyone know what the criteria for using them is, and what not?
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