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  1. It's 2016 and apparently flash doesn't work anymore in SL... so (Despite the out of date Firestorm posts) Flash does not work. I've had a few people ask about Metaverse TVs that USED to be HTML and video operable before the flash plugin was buggered up. NOW I am at a loss for answers. There was one mention of a "generic" flash plugin. IF there ever WAS ONE, it no longer exists. And DO NOT POINT ME/SPAM ME TO other people's products as it will NOT fix the problem! (Such spammers will be muted immediately and/or blocked in the forums)
  2. I have similar problems over the past 2 plus days. IF it were a viewer based problem I could understand the issues BUT, LL, you HAVE to come forward with this BUG. Your asset servers are screwing up BIG TIME. JUST logging in I'm told this body part does not exist in database (example, my shape and or hair) OR clothes!! I Know this is not an ISOLATED issue because yesterday, my group had to go to another GRID to have a meeting because NONE of us could get our avatars suitably dressed!!! Time to Wake up tech support, and time to come clean web space staff. The asset servers are screwed up and you HAVE to admit it at least as an UPCOMING 'unscheduled repair'!
  3. Okay I love the look of this Cool viewer BUT.... mesh looks like elongated torus prims STILL... any ideas on what is going on? Someone mentioned hardware skining but that term may as well be in mandarin chinese. Perhaps the person that made the reference could explain where to find this 'hardware skining' setting thing.
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