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  1. I doubt I could play this little game because if the lag is anything like Linden homes, I wouldn't be able to move. @Izzit " It's interesting that the userbase is increasing but the inworld session time is decreasing. It's interesting, too, that sims are empty more often than full. People who do come inworld are hiding on private land...choosing their friends carefully and avoiding the public sims more and more. It is isolating and it's limiting the experience I found when I first came inworld and I think it's a direct result of the Teen Grid merger." You're absolutely right...AND the IP harvesting the lindens allowed for a year before taking action...and now other devices are in world doing the same thing. Sorry to disappoint the cheerleaders but some IPs DO In fact lead to the precise location of the user. And just WHY is it OK for people even to see my general location like country or city? That is an outright theft of my RL Information that even Rodvick should disagree with in a game like SL. The difference is I don't mind a company like LL having it, but anyone with a brain should protest total strangers unaffiliated with LL to have your information..people like the creators of CDS, Voodoo, etc..and yes Zfire Xue!! IN short..the trust is gone.. Fix the grid, stop data mining, fix ancient bugs, and stop with the shinies until that's fixed. (The truth is that it can't be fixed.) The exodus has been underway from the Linden caused Redzone fiasco, the famous 66% bait and switch price hike which is why many favorite places of old have disappeared, millions spent on a new laggy and horrible and unintuitive V2 (that we didn't need) when Viewer 1 interface was what people loved and knew how to use well (I picked it up immediately and came to love it quickly) not because it was familiar, but because it was better!, IP Harvesting, Teens allowed on the main grid, lag increasing due to mesh and other toys like "lag on a prim," impossible sim crossings for vehicles, display names, voice morphing (Are you KIDDING me??), web profiles and web search and social media link violations of privacy that virtually nobody wanted......the list goes on.. Yes this is why sims are empty and people are remaining on their own little parcels staring at the screen if they log in at all. LL watches older residents leaving in droves because their concerns have been totally ignored for years now, but they don't even care. "They're not listening still...perhaps they never will." To the cheerleaders: If we didn't love SL and care about the direction it's taken, we wouldn't care enough to be here on this blog. If CUSTOMERS (which is what we are) go long enough being ignored, people tend to get a bit irate.
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