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  1. I have to agree with this comment...harsh though it seems. I just don't get these figues at all. I've seen many of the biggest merchants and landowners downsizing their land ownership recently obviously recognising harder times.Most merchants I speak to tells of how much sales have gone down. My feeling is that true concurrency is down and people do seem to be spending less and spending less time in world. I also agree that Viewer 2 has had and will continue to have a negative impact, despite what LL keep saying. I often get newbies in my store using Viewer 2 who can't see what the prices are and can't quite work out how to buy stuff, no doubt this approach will push people down the Xstreet buying route where LL make money too, but without inworld merchants to buy the land and pay tier SL won't survive....Emerald is dead long live Phoenix.


    ~~~Lies, damned lies and statistics~~~~

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