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  1. Hola, puedes buscarme inworld y te ayudo en lo que pueda
  2. Thank you very much I will follow the suggestions you gave me They are very kind, thanks
  3. yes exactly, I receive them through my email, is it possible to block only this group? the group is always the same "* A&P Midnight Mania & LC *"
  4. How can I block the advertising notice in my email from a certain group? I don't have the group on my list! I already block the people who send! How to block just the group to not receive more publicity of this group in my email without having to deactivate the sending of offline emails? They send advertising every 3 or10 minutes! It is very uncomfortable!
  5. Please help, since Sunday night my inventory stopped charging completely, I already uninstalled everything cleaned all the folders on my computer reinstalled the viewer, loging in different lands including lands protected, but my inventory only carries 16,000 items, and should have 72 000. I need it to work
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