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  1. A blend of high fashion and music will come alive Saturday, January 14th, 2012 at 1pm SLT as Costa Rica Sims Productions presents: VERO MODERO
  2. Costa Rica Sims Presents: Connections For a limited time: Be one of the first 40 to set up a panel at our new social venue "Connections" and receive L$500. Once you have set up your panel, just IM Giancarlo Takacs to let him know!
  3. We want to take a moment to say Thank you to all the people who makes possible to have the most beautiful Estate in Second Life. Our Residents, Business Owners, Designers, Bloggers, Fashionistas, Models, Performers, Builders, Scripters and all Content Creators and last but not least our wonderful friends at Linden Lab, we wish you all a warm holiday season! All of you are part of our beautiful Costa Rica Sims Family. Thank You Love & Light, Costa Rica Sims Executive Team! www.costaricasims.com
  4. http://costaricasims.com/sims-tier-prims/view-by-prims-tier/3033-nuevo-arenal-sur-oestel5700-tier.html Mention this ad and get two weeks off the frist month' tier
  5. • Founded in 2007. One of the most respected names in SL • 100+ Sims. 2 million sqm of water for sailing • Vibrant community. 400+ residents from 54 countries • Beautiful residential & commercial parcels. 1st month's tier included • Wide variety of environments • 40 Amenities, including daily events • Only estate where SL’s glitterati and celebrities live • We also offer Standalone Regions For more information please visit costaricasims.com
  6. Looking for a reliable, experienced and professional Events Manager. Please contact Giancarlo Takacs in-world.
  7. Same here I only belong to six groups no idea why would anyone wan to join 40 but if they work for them YAY!
  8. Great news! Keep up the good work guys
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