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  1. Sl is back up on my end using firestorm woot woot see yah till next time, hopfully its not as long
  2. /me realizes that she has no images small and long enough to fill the sigature area, decideds to try another attempt at signing back into sl....(it worked) decides no signature is needed for the time being and vanishes back into the world of second life...
  3. AHA! the signatures accept HTML code >w>; -ponders images to put there-
  4. I do think it is best to just add to cart or fav's and wait till everything is working as it should... just to be on the safe side....
  5. "ponders the signature option" i wonder if i can put .GIF images in there.... hmm.....
  6. yeah, she was nice... I sent her a friend request right before it died... i hope it passed over 8l its okay i know hwere her vendors are... >..>;
  7. Indeed it does, i believe i am expirencing slight withdrawl, i think i need another coffee.... i hope i can remeber the name of that person who was going to make me a custom texture for my avi >..<;
  8. @w@ dishes done... cat litter clean... got me a coffee. wait...wait read...ammuse...
  9. waow... i thought that things were a bit laggyer then usual today.... -le sigh- and i was organizing a commission with someone >..<
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