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  1. Maybe the buyer had placed items in their shopping cart on March 15th, adding to it until checking out on April 9th?
  2. I suggest if there are textures you bought in the past but then found them recently searching on google, post a negative review with a link to the textures.
  3. My clothing is sold copy/no mod, except all prim pieces are copy/modifyable. I do not include a resize script and will help a customer fit their purchase if asked.
  4. How far above the knee are the socks supposed to be?
  5. So you didn't use a template to create the socks? You want to use the lower body template and the sock layer should work for that length sock. Also, are the sliders moved up enough when you applied your texture to the sock layer? I'm not in world atm and don't remember what it says but there should be a slider that controls the length of the socks.
  6. Check and make sure they are set to the right group when you rez them. You can either wear the group tag when you rez them or set the group on the general tab once you rez the items.
  7. What does everyone recommend? Just in looking around sl, men's skins seem to have come a long way. What is everyone's favorite male skin store?
  8. Hello I made several purchases in SL Market place yesterday - But the market places demmed that it would only deliver 2 of 7 items! I purchased ~Simply~ Winter Wonderland Dress / Cloak - Pink Frost Item ID # 47294920 Can this item be replaced? Thank You for your time XXXXXXXXXXXXX Yet another nc I received this evening. Yep, looks like the marketplace isn't having any delivery failures.
  9. [16:31] XXXXXXXXX: Invoice # XXXXXX5390 Ordered on December 08, 2011 Order Status: Delivered Description Item IDs Unit Price Qty Total: ~Simply~ Christmas Lights Men's Jeans Sold by Chelle Petlyakov Visit The StoreReview Product 47379246 L$150 1 L$150 1 item has been delivered it showed this item was delivered but i never recieved it The above is an IM I just received from a customer (customer's name is x'd out) today, who purchased a pair of jeans from the marketplace and went to my store in world to buy them when they did not get delivered. I refunded him for one pair of course, but this is not out of the ordinary. There is most definitely something wrong with the marketplace. I can't even remember ever having one complaint of a delivery failure on the old Xstreet site. The marketplace on the other hand, well this is the second customer I've been contacted by this week that did not receive the item they bought. I'm glad you haven't experienced any problems with the marketplace, but I think you should count yourself lucky.
  10. If I could still teleport to the location it wouldn't bother me either. Or if I could look it up on the map and tp from there, or at least see the slur so I could search for it on the map. LOL so yes I am frustrated.
  11. These are brand new entries in the destination guide. I can't imagine that there's a slurl missing or that it's outdated. I have experienced this with phoenix, firestorm and viewer 2. I have turned off my firewall to see if that might be the problem, but it seems to have no affect. Just this morning, I was able to tp to two places in the destination guide while probably getting at least a half dozen more that were "unavailable at this time." I finally gave up.
  12. For the past few months probably 9/10 times when I try and use the destination guide to tp somewhere, I get the message, "Information about this location is unavailable at this time, please try again later." Anyone else experience this? Is there a work around?
  13. Hi Tamara. I might be interested. Despite selling hundreds of items, I have not had one review since moving over to the marketplace. Very frustrating. Will you be charging a fee for your services? You'll be reviewing them on the marketplace? How will that work? Feel free to contact me in world.
  14. May Flowers Hunt at ~Simply~ When: May 2-31, 2011Hunt Organizer: Sierra Gourdou, PeteDelux Brentano, Chelle PetlyakovLocation: ~Simply~ Main Store http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aerelon/175/157/22/Hunt Object: 40 Roses
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