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  1. I presumed the animation is probably stretched out and smoothed at 10 fps but i've just checked, when i'm exporting at 10 FPS the frame range is the same when it's imported in SL. You can see the pause in the first video right after the character touches her hair. I've tried exporting Anim file from Maya 2016 with builtIn plugin but the file ends up way too big, 38mb. Not sure what you meant with " you can find it on MP "
  2. Here's a close up on feet in SL: https://imgur.com/a/I9Kkt
  3. I'm exporting BVH files from Motionbuilder to Bento skeleton and i have a certain issue where at high FPS the animations are shaky for some reason, feet twitch around and shake even though the baked skeleton animations in Motionbuilder are fully stable. If i lower the FPS and bake everything to 10 FPS for example the feet stop shaking but i get a new problem: the loop has a pause when it resets. https://imgur.com/zxBJqKC
  4. More issues galore. For some reason, i can't get a 1:1 animation from Motionbuilder in SL. Every time i load up an animation in preview, for some strange reason the feet shake like crazy even though they're fully stable in Motionbuilder, that's for example in 40 or 60 fps. If i lower the FPS, bake everything to 10 FPS, the animation in SL plays back normal, the feet shake a lot less but the loop gets screwed, there's a pause when the loop restarts. The loop in the video restarts at the end, when she's finished touching her hair. In 10 fps video there's a pause, and in 40 fps video th
  5. New kind of glitch. On some models the spine seems to offset and break sort of and i've double checked the animation. Normal: https://gyazo.com/5d189f10d0105e5700cee60ef05bd0e4 Glitched: https://gyazo.com/480d1a8d7b3b3fe8ceaf5e5a114351b3 That's the same animation, just different parts of it.
  6. You mean bone translation? And do you mean export from Blender or edited export from Motionbuilder? EDIT: Nevermind, it works now, thanks, it was motionbuilder export with translation...
  7. I'm having an ingame issue with Bento. I've applied my edited mocap animation to Bento avatar but after the animation is done playing back the character's arms get permanently stretched a bit and i need to unfold the character in order to get it back into original state. I got a before/after pics of what's going on. Anyone got an idea how to fix this?
  8. I managed to get the Bento rig into Blender without it screwing the rest pose. I had to fix the rig first in Maya as the rotations were wrong, the whole rig was rotated sideways and then skinned. Not to mention there's at least 10 joints which are completely useless. Also, whoever made that skeleton really doesn't know a single thing about rigs. The spine of the rig is horrible, joints go all over the place. Now i've come into another problem. When i try to use Match Scale in Avastar, it scales the imported Bento twice its size for some reason and i don't know why. I've tried setting imp
  9. I'm sure i exported the BVH from Bento skeleton as i deleted completely the source mocap skeleton i used for retargetting because i didn't need it anymore...
  10. The source skeleton is what came with mocap data, i've retargeted data from it to Bento skeleton. I don't think it matters what skeleton is used for source as the animation has to end up on Bento rig anyway, after retargeting i delete the source data anyway.
  11. Yeah, thing is i'm not recording anything from iPi Mocap, i'm using some pre-recorded mocap data with a fairly simple skeleton and no finger animations. The goal is to get that retargeted to SL Bento rig, edit out hands if they're clipping through body and animate the fingers.
  12. Importing the exported BVH file into Maya or Blender is fine, the animation is there. However now you got me thinking, i always thought that exporting BVH only exports the skeleton with animated and baked joint animation but when i try to load it up into Second Life i can see the Bento mesh in preview. How on earth does it load up that mesh when BVH should only save animation? You might be onto something here...
  13. I'm trying to export mocap data from Motionbuilder as BVH, but every single time, no matter the size of the skeleton the animation gets completely screwed up. If the skeleton is tiny, animation looks like the character's limbs are imploding, and if i scale it to 100 the whole character looks like a spider. Now, i've gotten to learn Blender in the past few days and tried retargetting data to Avastar and then exporting from there and it works, but it's not ideal as data isn't transfered correctly and my workflow is slow as i'm new to Blender. I'm completely stressed out from this, does
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