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  1. I am a Premium resident and I am still wondering why... especially after my last live chat with Ontyme crew. First one didn't even answer me after 1 hour (probably didn't have an answer lol). Second one was plain rude and basically told me to go file a ticket. Ok so now, LL, I ask you... why am I paying the annual fee? Because seriously I couldn't care less about your little weekly pocket money and I won't even mention the linden homes which are seriously a joke. I believe that the whole incentive to pay yearly for premium membership was to be able to rely on a solid Customer Service in case of problems. Today it's like you are a VIP member trying to get in a night club and the bouncer tells you to go back in line with the others -.- So I am really at the verge of canceling my premium membership. Surely that if too many people cancel their memberships, LL will react. But just an FYI to those who are not happy that basic membership doesn't allow live chat or phone: you are really not missing on anything. Finally a little message to LL: You are not a monopoly anymore. Right now, you are popular because we are staying here. If things get beyond repair, I am sure a lot of us will move to another virtual world. So don't forget who you are supposed to please... your clients.
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