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  1. I tried everything in the book. The I filed that Ticket and a Linden used my account to Login and he seen my Groups didn't work for chatting at all. I haven't been able to chat or receive chat in any of my Groups since Sept 26. I had to quit hosting events. Then on the SL status page is this... but it was a month ago --- Investigating - We are aware of failures with message delivery in group chat which are impacting some users. We believe that we have identified the cause, however the fix is going to take a bit of time to implement. Please forgive the inconvenience as we work to address thi
  2. Yes. It's aweful to do SL without group chats. Since 2007 I've never had this happen to me.
  3. All My Groups Chats have been down since Sept. 26th 2020 . If I try to post to my group chats it does nothing.. I can't see my group chats and if the group is chatting I cannot see anyone's chat. I have tried both the SL Viewer and the Firestorm Viewer and the samething .... no chats at all. The Problem is not on my end. I filed a ticket on it and this was the reply after a Linden Logged into my account to check it. - "Unfortunately after reviewing your account, and having you describe the issues to me, this does look like a known issue we are currently experiencing with groups. As I menti
  4. DJs wanted for Milk Way Dance Club. Even Beginners Welcome. Get 100% Tips and all Shifts Available. If Interested IM Edconnect Gufler In-World
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