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  1. Why is this in response to me? When did I ever say I like being ejected and banned? Or that I'm "irresponsible with my freedom?" I don't know what your sims are, but if it's that big of a deal for ya, go ahead and add me to the list. I, personally, do not go into homes. I'm saying with some of the people in SL, and as you put it, "childish" behavior, if you don't protect your home, you're leaving it open to them.
  2. IMHO, if someone is going to be upset if another is exploring their land, then they need to put up some security system to keep uninvited avatars out. There is no privacy in SL, and if you don't put (at the very least) notification that the area isn't meant to be public, then you're pretty much asking for people to wander in. As others have said, if you can't get in, then it's private. If the description says it's private, it's private. If it appears to be a home, it's probably private.
  3. Well this is really interesting. I've never, ever had a blue landmark. I just have two different shades of red. I had guessed one was for LMs given to you and one for LMs you created. I wonder why I don't have blue ones, though... I guess we're calling the faded/blue ones by two different names, though, after looking at the KB. I was really wondering there for a minute. Message was edited by: Kinani Exonar to add "I guess..."
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