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  1. Hi I am interesting in hiring you to create some mesh clothing for me. Do you have skype? My skype name is iSickflowz
  2. Do you have pictures of buildings? Your flickr only has furniture.
  3. I am looking for a serious business partner to help fund a few ideas. As of now I currently own a community sim with home, apartment and store rentals. I am looking to expanding into a second sim but also have a 3rd sim I want to open up. I am looking for a business partner for the 3rd sim which we will be talked about more in details when contacted. In game name is : youngin Bing
  4. Flowrida Hip Hop & R&B Club IS NOW HIRING STAFF Flowrida Hip Hop & R&B Club is a club strictly for Hip Hop & R&B Music. We are currently hiring for the following positions: Club Manager ( Club manager will be in charge of hiring staff such as DJs and host. Will also be in charge of making sure there is at least one party or event per day with a DJ and a Host to be present) The job pay L$500 a week. A raise is possible depending on how the club is turning out. DJ We are looking for DJs with a great Hip Hop and R&B Playlist. Must have a decent mic and decent looking avatar. DJs will keep 100% tips and will also be paid per event! How much you are paid will depend on your DJ Following. For example if you have 500 members in your DJ group, you will be paid L$500 + 100% tips for that event! Host Host will be in charge of greeting people, informing people of the available rentals we have on the sim, inviting people to our groups and making sure the party/event is drama free. Host will keep 100% of their tips! To apply you could either message Youngin Bing In-World or Apply Here
  5. We have also added the following to our community: Bowling Alley: One of the best looking Bowling Alley's on Second Life. Includes 10 Lanes (5 downstairs and 5 upstairs.) Enjoy a great bowling experience with your family/friends. Game Center: Our game center has 10+ games to pick from! Greedy, Skippo, Monopoly, Truth or Dare, Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Checkers, Chess, Playable Pool Table, Playable Darts, Playable Air Hockey, Beer Pong, Pictionary & MORE! Paintball Field: Enjoy our 4096sqm Paintball field! We offer the paintball guns and all! Great experience that you definitely do not want to miss!
  6. Flowrida Urban Community Living Experience the luxurious side of Flowrida Urban Community Living. The unique features and amenities that were designed to fit your desire for an inexpensive and fun living experience. We focus on remaining an active and fun role-playing community. Human only sim ( no furries allowed ) Hiring Marketing Manager We are looking for a Marketing Manager to bring traffic into our community. Our community has home rentals, apartment rentals and store rentals. We have a lot to offer in our community and want to ensure to bring in as many people as possible, including possible tenants. Qualifications Must be experience in Marketing Must be 30 days or older in SL. Must have at least 5 group slots available Must have Discord installed Communication Skills Pay and Benefits Jobs pays L$1,000 a week. Every Friday is pay day! A raise is possible and will be considered if we see a turn positive turn around in traffic and rentals. In order to be considered for a raise, you must have been with us for at least 3 months. What is a job without benefits? As a benefit of working for Flowrida Urban Community Living, you will have a 200 prim allowance in one of our apartment buildings. If you do not wish to live in an apartment but would prefer a house, we could either provide an extra 200 prims on your rental with us at no cost or we could knock off L$300 from your rental per week. For an application, please contact one of the following: Youngin Bing, Layler Moonwall or Robertg darkwatch
  7. Flowrida Urban Community Living Experience the luxurious side of Flowrida Urban Community Living. The unique features and amenities that were designed to fit your desire for an inexpensive and fun living experience. We focus on remaining an active and fun role-playing community. Human only sim ( no furries allowed ) What do we offer? Movie Center: We have a beautiful movie theater for you to enjoy with your family and/or friends. Our movie theater room has over 200+ movies loaded, new movies are added frequently. The movie theater TV also includes: TV Shows, Live Streaming, Youtube & More! Competitive Pricing: We always strive to have the best prices around while still being able to offer you a great role-playing living experience! Our home rentals are only L$1.5 per prim! Can't beat those prices! Events: Our community holds daily to weekly events for the community to take part of. These events will range anywhere from: Parties, game nights, speed dating, movie night & many more! ( We always accept suggestions! ) Clubhouse: Our clubhouse is where we host a lot of our events/parties. Our club is set up for costume parties, speed dating, open mic nights and anything your heart desires! It is also available to be rented out for any special events you may want to have. Weekly Raffles: We are all about making sure you are enjoying your time here at Urban Community Living but we also like to hold weekly raffles to show our appreciation and give back to the community. Our weekly raffle prizes may consist of: L$, added time to rentals, objects & more! So what are you waiting for? join our AMAZING community TODAY! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The Candy Shop/122/157/23
  8. Hey everyone I am looking for a business partner. Basically I have a Full Sim and that is what I would be bringing to the table. I will provide the land and tier fee. Depending on the type of business, I will also fund the business. Please contact me in world if you have a business idea. Youngin Bing
  9. Wanting to buy a FULL PRIM SIM from someone who has Extended Support. Tier must be anytime after the 8th of the month.
  10. I have experience as working as a Sales Agent for 2 years and Estate Manager for about 8 months. -Voice Verified and will use voice if customer wants me to -Fluent in English and Spanish -On for 20+ hours a week. Please contact me in-world at Youngin Bing or contact me through email at iamsickflowz@yahoo.com
  11. Hi, I used to work for Languagelab.com until I ran into some PC issues. I worked customer support with LanguageLab for almost a year and would love for a chance to come back. Fluent in both English and Spanish.
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