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  1. for my DK2 - ive gone back twice and got the old rift 0.6 runtime from occulus.. and then use cntrl -alt viewer. (i want to try other stuff so upgrade..then downgrade back for SL.. pain in the butt!) Corrupt? hmm maybe try another runtime? im pretty sure i used this link https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/pc/
  2. Its a;; a bit sad atm isnt it ... I simply went back to an old occulus runtime to continue using cntrl-alt-studio. But this means i cant run a lot of newer occulus stuff, but SL was a priority..for more than a demo. A previous OR run-time can be tracked down I think more engery is going on Sansa, and next level vr? i might be wrong. Had a go on Vive today and Ohboy ..my dk2 feels like an old calculator. Being 'in the room' more phyiscally than occulus with controlers, was great. Cant wait to for ..Sansa! ...or next level SL... if they update!
  3. ive finally got kinect mo-cap captures from Brekel kinect (great program!) ...but now bvhacker (the program used to get bvh into SL) gives me an error message about 'too many joints' what is thye SL protocol for joints? how to easily solve this error? what shall i try delete? is it worth the runaround! :catindifferent: ?? thanks and reagards to the comunity, Pye
  4. http://www.brekel.com/ sems good. im trying out the trial pro body atm ..but having issues with the intermediate program bvhacker to finally gte captures to SL! whay oh why does this mission need be sucha royal runaround!
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