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  1. Fix seems to work fine , i can move normal on secondlife://util.aditi.lindenlab.com/secondlife/Morris/23/113/37 everything works just fine there. Thanks
  2. I have the exact same problems on every magnum sim since last Role , everyone can see my post in the Last Sim Role thread. Hope the Problem get fixed next role.
  3. I still can't enter magnum sims , because i freeze and can't move anythere for clearification , i have this on all viewers so it's not a Firestorm problem. and i have a edition to these problems if i try to teleport from the magnum sim to another a few second after i landed on the other sim a secondlife teleport starts O_o hope the next server role will fix it again or repair the interets list bugs.
  4. I have the same problems here: Sie befinden sich in 279.680,0, 311.658,0, 23,9 in Red Roses auf sim9095.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC Magnum I can't move on Magnum Sim my avatar seems to be frozen, but it actually moves but i don't see it The world is loading very slow Other Avatars don't load @ all High Paket lose all the time : Paketverlust: 10.156/69.062 (14,7%) It run fine on Letigre and secondlife server Release version.
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