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  1. Hello dear friends, for me, im fine with SL being beta and a birthplace for bugs. Since my nearly 4 years in SL i am familiar with major bugs and the little ones who exist maybe since the first day and never been touched to get fixed. This will not break my neck. But loosing hard real money in case of bought items, uploaded pictures, builds, creativity and effort is def. not acceptable. LL MUST take care about such destructive issues. I guess most of the Linden dont need a big inevntory, or expensive items because a freebie geek, fox avatar or other cartoon-outfits are available for free all over the place so no wonder that they dont have panic loosing multiple K of important stuff. Regards
  2. Hello Venus, i did not have a premium account. Im just a medicore user and have no right for LL technical support. I also tryed all suggestions from here and inworld. I would never ignore any suggestions because this inventory lost is too important for me to ignore. It can happen to everyone, everytime. Really bad if you are "only" basic member and need LL support, you are lost, alone and sold out.
  3. I just lost 15000 items from my inventory and i am a basic medicore member who is not able to get a decent technical support. I am into SL since dec. 2007, a strong consumer and stuffed a lot of real money in here. LL sure was happy to catch my money but when it comes down to my problems, they turn their back on ppl. It's really a shame. Feels like dealing with some dingy loan sharks.:matte-motes-evil-invert:
  4. Thank you Peggy and all who answered, Now, what Peggy wrote is comletely routine for me, i did this all and i waited till my inventory was fully loaded, i even was in busy mode at a linden sim serval times, also on beta grid. I also see no folders from lost items in my inventory, they are simply gone too. Now i made a clean deinstall of the phoenix with all cache folders and so on, installed the official LL viewer and its still the same. So i guess my 15000 items and real money are lost. Inventory count 29927 items.
  5. Hello and thanks for your quick answers, i use the phoenix 1185. I will try a clean uninstall and reinstall a fresh version. if this doesnt fix it, i try the same with the official LL V2. I will post the news here as soon i know more.
  6. Hello dear friends, 24h ago i lost around 15000 items from my inventory, including expensive stuff, eyes i love from a creator who quit Sl, great hair styles, no copy items and so on and on. Not mutch freebies indeed. This brutal dilemma started the following way: I get myself some demo hair styles. after i tryed them i deleted the unneeded demos. so there where in my trash can. i empty my trashcan, had a 15 seconds lag issue while it delet the demo hair and after this was done, i lost around 15000 items from my 45000. No crash or something. I tryed clearing cache, log in to beta grid, clearing cache manually, log in to diferent linden land, nothing helped... The loaded items change from 24664 to 29889, 27604, 29855 during this useless procedure but never go over 30K. What else can i do? Will LL hear me and help? Thank you for reding.
  7. Hiya, thankies for all your suggestions. I will try different tactics to see what works or not. Asking the landowners around my parcel to ban this person seems a good option. I will let you know if it works Nice Weekend for you all.
  8. So true Ceera. Well i was ejecting him and some minutes later i saw him somwhere near the parcel on the minimap and some seconds later he jumps on a poseball to get in. But i guess i cant do really something against it. I also talked to him in a very normal and friendly way but it didnt helped much. maybe hes just mentally ill. He did not fight against me personally but he harass others who are there. I try to stay in the background as far i can because i think otherwise he starts to stalk or something.
  9. Okies, well then i ask my landlord to send a ticket. I also log his ugly and harrasing open chat for it. Thanks so far for your kind suggestions.
  10. Thank you all so far Well he is physically there, he can fly around, harass other visitors and so on. My landlord owns the parcel my place is on and i just rented it.
  11. Hi Venus, i have to say that poseballs are an integral part of my place. It is an public "love" place.:matte-motes-whistle: The Hippo secure orb had also no effect on him...
  12. Hello. I have banned a person from my parcel but the person always returns. I added his name via right click on him, i added his name direct in the land options, nothing helps. He told me that he uses a script or so that makes him a ghost till he finds a way back in. I think he teleports to a nearby parcel, zooms in my place and sits on a poseball or so. Im not sure what to do. Thank you for your help and suggestions. Dine
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