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  1. I wondered if this was possible because I do not want to download Second Life. I recently had a virus on my computer and the technician who dealt with seems a bit suspicious of Second Life, although he admitted that the virus could have come from anywhere. It cost me a few hundred to get my computer up-and-running again. I have a rental box to cancel on a parcel but I am very reluctant now to download Second Life on to my computer in case another virus is introduced. Is there another way of dealing with this issue?
  2. I have quite suddenly started having problems logging into Second Life Viewer. Each time I try it just gets to the 'Detecting Hardware' stage but can't go any further. It can also freeze up my computer and it can take ages to shut down. I tried un-installing the SL viewer but the computer won't even do that. I am using Windows 7, 64 bit computer. Is there something wrong with the computer or the SL Viewer?
  3. Thanks. I shall keep updated on it. I am thrilled about it.
  4. I wonder when Second Life will be ready for the new innovation, Oculus Rift? I am truly thrillied at the prospect of experiencing this. How will they announce this? And will there be a special type that will have to be bought? Wondered if anyone had any information. Fidelity.
  5. Thank you to Senior Helper. Will try! I thought I had QuickTime on the computer but maybe it needs updating or I un-installed it by accident. Thanks.
  6. I have received a black box message on my SL viewer which says; "NO MEDIA PLUGIN WAS FOUND TO HANDLE THE "TEXT/HTML" MIME TYPE. MEDIA OF THIS TYPE WILL BE UNAVAILABLE. OK I know that my AVG had accidentally removed my ability to watch films inworld. However, I can't get rid of the messages on my SL viewer. There are several of them, all the same message, down the right side of the viewer. I have tried clicking on the OK button and on the Notifications button at the top but to no avail. I can't click on the cross button on the top right hand corner of the message box because it just moves away whenever I try to click on it. I have tried logging out and then back in but still these message boxes remain down one side. It's basically ruining the enjoyment of logging in to the graphics. Is there a way I can get rid of them without having to download the viewer again? Would be pleased for some information. Thanks. Sue.
  7. Hello, I have emails coming into my email account from Second Life when I am offline. To stop them I went to Preferences to un-check the box which allows IMS to be forwarded to email, but it was already un-checked, and therefore is not making any difference. It seems I may have no option but to un-install Second Life. Is there another way I can stop the relentless emails?
  8. What program do I need to download in order watch movies and videos on my inworld TV and laptop? I have Adobe Flash Player on my system but I also need an additional 'plugin' program. I think is was 'Plugin...(.something) I asked this question some time back and got a very good answer. I was directed to a site where i could download the plugin program I needed and it all went smoothly. However, I have just had a rare major disaster with my computer. My disk drive 'died' on me completely the other day and I have lost every ounce of information. So I have had to buy a new drive and start from scratch. All my data has been wiped out. I have had to upload everything from the beginning. If anyone knows what the name of this program is I would be grateful if they could send me the information again. I cannot recall the name of the site. Even some of my Google favorites have disappeared. Thanks for any help.
  9. I recently downloaded Adobe Flash Player version 11, for Windows 7. This is supposed to allow me to play videos inworld such as Youtube vids on my inworld screen. But so far I've not had any luck. Can anyone tell me if there is anything else I need to do or whether I've overlooked something? Thanks for any feedback.
  10. Thanks for both answers. I was wondering what the word 'sunshine' was alluding to, now I know. For the second answer, yes, I was on rented land and the message popped up. I do have 3.6.0 viewer, which I believe is adequate for SSB.
  11. I received a strange message Inworld today which went something like,' The forecast is for sun , please update your viewer.' The message then just disappeared. I really don't know what that is about. Has anyone else had this funny message? And if so what do they mean exactly?
  12. Thanks to both of you for that answer. I actually found the object by using CTRL + Alt + Shift. Some red came up but I could still see the offending prim, and removed it. Thanks a mil...Kudos for both. Fidelity
  13. I recently rezzed a prim onto my land that has an emitter. I would like to delete it but I can't see it. How do I find it in order to delete?
  14. Yesterday I did an upgrade to what I thought was one of the latest SL viewers. I upgraded to SL 3.5.0 (April 3, 2013) Would this upgrade be able to handle SSB (Server Side Baking) ? If not is there anything else I have to add or would this be adequate? Thanks...
  15. I am wondering what viewer I will need for SSB once it is started. I have the old SL viewer 34.1 (Nov, 5, 2012). Will I need to uninstall and then re-install one of SL's latest viewers? If so, which one? I assume I don't need a third party viewer but can stay with LL's viewers. This time I hope I've asked the right questions! Would appreciate some advice - thanks. Fidelity.
  16. Hi Karen, Yes, I think I'm closer to understanding your answer. My question was all 'skeewith' so this is what I should have asked: I have the SL 34.1 version. Could I stay with this version or do I have to upgrade to a newer version of SL? I do not use a third party viewer but the SL version, so can I keep to the SL version? Will the latest SL viewer support Server Side Baking? When will it be released - very soon? Would be very grateful for to have these questions cleared up and thank you so far - Fidel...
  17. Better questions: I received a message saying that we would have to upgrade to a new version very soon. Can I stay with the old SL viewer. It is the SL 34.1 version, released Nov, 5th, 2012 Do I need to upgrade to a new SL viewer, (the newest version they have)? Will the latest SL viewer support SSB? It sounds good because it means no more ghosting or avatart - agreed! Yours Fidel...
  18. Can anyone tell me where I can find tree shadow or sunbeam effects? As I don't (yet) know how to create these prims myself, I can only look for them. I found a few 'tree shadow' prims in a freebie store, which has now closed, but I would really like to know if there are any more being sold out there. Shadow effects and sunbeam effects, I am interested in these kinds of prims and the play of light and shadow and they seem pretty hard to come by, so if anyone knows of a good merchant I'd be grateful.
  19. I would like to access videos from within Second Life via inworld televisions. I have see these televisions on display in some Second Life furniture stores. However it seems I need to install Adobe Flash Player in order to watch youtube or other videos inworld. Could anyone tell me what Adobe Flash Player version I need? I tried installing from within SL but a message kept appearing saying that I could not install due to 'policy change.'
  20. Hi there Lindal. About my prim problem - the landowner answered me today. Apparently one of my neighbours had 'unintentionally' put some prims on my parcel. The landowner said not to panic and removed the offending prims. I didn't tell them that I had got a message the day before from an apparent stranger, who told me they could see me doing things in my house and asked if they could join me. I don't know if there's a connection there or not to my prims suddenly going overdrawn. I did panic and vacated the land, but it doesn't matter as I was looking for a bigger parcel anyway. Better luck next time eh? Perhaps creating ban lines or not allowing object entry might help. I don't know how to stop that from happening again. FidelityQuintessa
  21. I rented a piece of land and everything was fine until today. Yesterday my rental box showed I was below my stated prim allowance, but today when I logged in it was way over my prim allowance. I immediately deleted all objects from the land but it still showed that I had 52 prims on the land. So I vacated the rental land. Luckily I did not have much time left on the rental and I did get a decent refund, but I am wondering what happened. Maybe someone had come in and used prims that were not theirs. Being new to renting, I discovered in the About Land box, that I had not checked any boxes under the 'options' tab, which bans people from doing certain things. Example: Options Tab. Allow other residents to: Fly Build Object Entry Run Scripts. I wondered if I should have checked some of these boxes, and if so, which ones? Fidelity Quintessa.
  22. I have recently bought a new computer box and brand new graphics card which gives me the most beautiful SL graphics you can get. I recently accepted an upgrade from Second Life which made my graphics look worse i.e. opaque and just not as good. The water looked like soup and had lost much of its realism, so that was one reason I uninstalled and went back to one of the earlier versions of SL - version 3.4.1 and I got back my perfect graphics. It seems now that I am better off not accepting any upgrades to my viewer as it just deadens the look of things. Has anyone a solution to this problem? I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks Fidelity Quintessa.
  23. I have been getting loads of problems since New Year's Eve, when my avatar was removed from my sim into a 'safe hub' as the site appeared to be down or experiencing problems. These are the problems I have had since then and they are still ongoing; My avatar keeps 'ghosting up' but may appear again at random invervals, when I can use it properly. My account balance at the top of the viewer sporadically disappears and is replaced by a strange amount, i.e. L.20. I am often unable to teleport away from my home without difficulty and I often cannot teleport at all. I often can't move my avatar at all, it just gets stuck or it just runs amok. I cannot use my chat facility and if I try I get the following message i.e. 'Unable to start chat session with GCG Virtual Land. You do not have that ability.' Note; I have checked this on my viewer and the chat box is ticked and appears to be enabled. Pop up menus are generally very slow, if they appear at all. Whenever I log in the following message box appears: 'Your clothing is downloading - you can use Second Life normally and other people will see you correctly.' Note - I never used to get this message when logging in before. I have also checked my group tag is highlighted and active, so that can't be causing the numerous problems. All these difficulties have really started since New Year's Eve when my avatar was removed to a safe hub. Since then it has been almost impossible to use the viewer without some issue arising. I am forever coming out of SL and logging in again in an attempt to clear the problems but they are ongoing. I have the new Second Life viewer. Can anyone give me some clue as to what all this might be caused by and is there a solution? Would be grateful for any advice. Thanks, Fidelity Quintessa. Thanks to both of you, Rolig and Karen. I'll try rebooting routher first and if that doesn't work I'll do a clean re-install of SL. Last option is to replace the router. I'll come back and let you know how I get on. Thanks a trillion. Fidelity. Update on 3 Jan. Hello, I unplugged my router for a few moments and rebooted computer as suggested, but this failed to resolve the problems. I then cleared my cache and SL folders completely and uninstalled Second Life. I installed completely from scratch and this did seem to improve the graphics. However, the problem with my rental remained. I still cannot rez objects properly and teleporting from the location remains an issue. Note, this does not seem to be a problem once I am away from the parcel or sim I am renting on, and I can teleport as normal in other regions or areas. Another glitch I have found is I am unable to access the' chat' feature of some groups but can access others which I find odd. I am always careful to make sure the group tag is properly activated before trying the group chat feature, but access to this still seems unreliable. I am still unable to access the chat feature with my current rental group, even though I have installed a new version of Second Life. My computer box and graphics card is completely new and up-to-date, and well exceeds the requlrements as laid down by Linden Labs on their page, System Requirements. The ghosting issue with my avatar still remains a problem occasionally, although this is less annoying than not being able to rez objects on land I have rented or not being able to teleport from that particular property. Fidelity Quintessa. So the problems/s seem to be on the parcel or rental rather than SL wide.
  24. It's been a funny old couple of days on Second Life. I have had multiple crashes since New Year's eve (no I didn't go out this year, not being too well with a cold) so I stayed in and played a little on SL instead. First off, I got moved off the sim where I live and ended up with a whole bunch of wonderful people on a Safe Hub as the sim was (apparently) down or experiencing problems. My poor avatar was there all evening. When I got back on earlier today I managed to get away by flying to a less crowded spot, and only then did I manage to teleport back home. I cleared my flat out, putting most stuff back into my inventory, and then re-furnished the whole place with different items of furniture. I had a job doing that I tell you. It was hell trying to rezz anything and I experienced multiple crashes. I couldn't teleport away from my home location, the lag was awful and I lost two items, or objects while trying to rezz them. They never did turn up in my inventory. It was a struggle, but I got there in the end. I am putting it down to the New Year celebrations. Everything went pear-shaped. So I hope things will be easier from now on, and I hope not to lose too many items trying to rezz them in the year ahead. Happy New Year to everyone. Love and blessings. Fidelity Quintessa.
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