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  1. Last post in this thread was July of 2020. I just started having this issue today January 2nd 2021. I opened a ticket, but they said the issue was resolved. It isn't, I am going to have to reopen the ticket. "Thank you for contacting Second Life Support, and for your patience. At the time that you submitted your support ticket we were having some issues that were affecting inventories, rezzing, derezzing, avatar appearance, and adding and removing attachments. Thankfully this incident has since been resolved. Thank you for informing us of this issue. I am deeply sorry for the inconven
  2. Nalates Urriah Thank you, your instructions solved my issue with my KittyCats Hud :)
  3. This happened to me too, and I don't see a workable solution for it yet? Favorites bar is there, but all my landmark links are gone I have to recreate from scratch.
  4. That was nuts. After I finally got through grousing about being chased and pummeled by the dorky rocks, I finally found the prize thanks to this thread. The week's hints were not helpful enough. I wouldn't have found it without the hints from here. I like the book case, but the LI is ridiculous. With mesh available now, it doesn't make sense why I should have to use up 13 prims for one book case. I do love the humor in the book titles though which is the only reason I tolerated this time consuming detour from what I really love about SL.
  5. Looking for a romantic place to take your sweetheart for Valentines Day? Explore Evolving Images Romantic Park & Wildlife Reserve. You will find an ice skating rink with free ice skates and romantic Ice skating animations Two quality dining experiences, one elegant, the other asian fusion cuisine. There are several dance decks out in the open under the stars (if you turn sun to midnight.) Vista walks through the nature sancturary, old trees, or down the hill to the lighthouse at the waterfront. The ice rink is surrounded with a village of shopping experiences, gift shop, cards, furniture,
  6. There is lots of land for sale on this Sim if you want to expand, but if you want to start small here is your chance. Come take a look! Price is negotiable if you are interested in more land. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Colona/74/177/22
  7. I love the mesh clothes, but gave up on a mesh body. My main concern is the whole draw weight issue. Spending all that money on mesh items no one will be able to see. There is no standard for listing like there seems to be with prims. You don't know what your getting as far as draw weight until after you purchase.
  8. If more people understood that they were their own walking lag bombs then they'd demand that the creators do a better job of optimizing content. My opinion is the average resident is oblivious to their own impact. This is one reason that I maintain that it should be mandatory that the render weights for all wearables be listed in the Marketplace. In SL the idea that more is better is generally counter productive. Perrie, you stated what I searched the forums for. I was going to suggest that the marketplace list render rates just as they list LI for non wearable items. If I find a vendor w
  9. Thanks Kwakkelde! I have changed and edited my picks many times, but it does not seem to be intuitive or user friendly. Your description was both helpful and useful.
  10. Hi Qie, I would be all for SL shifting more of the costs of the game to Marketplace or something like this. It would help to weed out those just in the game to make money and those who genuinely want to play. I came into this game in 2006 and loved the creative aspect, building, decorating, socialzing, etc. I paid land fees for years while I didn't have time to play hoping some day I would have time again. Now I have time, but not the money for the expensive land fees anymore. I have recently rejoined the game and find myself spending most of my time in game marketing just trying to m
  11. Still looking for merchants to promote? I could use some help
  12. Went to sign but could not find the option. Are you still collecting signatures?
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