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  1. I guess this would explain why I can't access www.secondlife.com Hopefully they will fix this soon!
  2. I think if this is going to become a problem for LL, they just might banned the entire "explicit" sex activities all together. It depends on what their vision for SL is for the future. There's plenty of places you can go in RL and on the Internet to get your "kicks". It doesn't have to be in SL. Also, unless I'm missing something.....LL is not a non-for-profit organization. So why is there a problem when they have to change things to generate more money to expand?
  3. I don't think LL ever intended for SL to become a porn virtual environment. Its quite possible that they're in the process of trying to change the "negative" image of SL in hopes that private businesses/corporations would want to join (come back) to this amazing virtual world. Even with all its faults, SL is still the BEST virtual environment today. Also, it takes a lot of money to run a virtual environment this size. A LOT OF MONEY. So yes their #1 focus should be how to generate more income for the company while still allowing players to enjoy their creativity. I first heard about SL when LL was trying to pitch the concept of working in world to the company I was working for at that time. Of course they decided not to do it because of the uncontrolled "Adult" content. There comes a point when someone at the top has to make a decision and they've made theirs so that they can stay in business. For every 1,000 players that decides to leave the game because they can't get their "freak" on the they want to , there will be another 1,000 players to take their place. Its obvious that if they don't do something now, there will be no SL later.
  4. My response to you was in regards to the fact that a lot of teens have already been exposed to a lot of negative situations. You're acting like SL is going to be the first place where they see a lot of negative images/activities and its not. That being said who are we to say that a teen can't/shouldn't come into a virtual environment to create and have fun? Do I think its risky? Yes. But there's always a risk (good or bad) with change and this is a risk that LL decided to take.
  5. I completely understand your concern. I have friends who own clubs in RL and no matter what they always had problems with the under 21 age group sneaking in. There's only so much a person can do to protect themselves and as long as you let it be known that your environment is for adults only......that's all you can do. But I do I hear you and I understand what you are saying.
  6. I'm not understanding your point. Yes in RL there are things that can get you arrested or beaten to death and in RL some people still choose to do those things regardless of the consequences. Its the world we live in unfortunately. I've seen teens in RL do/say things that would make some of the most twisted adults in SL blush in embarrassment. I understand people concerns about the "negative" things that could happen once teens are allowed to interact on the adult grid. Heck I used to think the same way, until I remembered how RL really is.
  7. Well, I for one am happy that the teens are joining the main grid. So congrats! In regards to everyone's concern about teens safety, its no different then in RL. As parents we can only protect them to a certain point and pray that they listen and use good wisdom along the way. Atleast if they come across negativity in SL it could be used as a learning tool for RL. Last I check there's pervs, half dressed sex freaks in RL walking around everyday.......yet we can't keep our kids locked indoors from the big bad world.
  8. No, you can't increase prim limits on Linden Homes. You're only allowed 117 prims to decorate with. Which is pretty good considering there's plenty of stores in SL that offer beautiful low prim furniture and home decor. Good luck
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