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  1. Whatever your project I can deliver a beautiful, optimized for SL mesh for you, including textures if you need them. Contact me in world for rates and timelines. These are on a per project basis. Please be able to provide pictures. Object/Props/Furniture/Architectural projects preferred. For reference check out my marketplace store at https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/21
  2. You should build your mesh so it works well with the existing weight painting of the avatar- move your collar until it is located where it will only be in the area that is only affected by the collar bone. If it won't work well you can also break the collar off the rest of the mesh, copy only the collar bone to the collar, and then put it back in (sorry if it's not called collar bone, maybe it's clavicle, I mean the bone BETWEEN the neck and the shoulder/upper arm, that one is not bendy)
  3. Is it safe to use only spec maps to define the glossiness/shine on rigged mesh? Or are enough people disabling materials that its still necessary to add glossiness into the diffuse? For reference I'm making a shiny patent leather dress and would prefer to use mostly spec so the shine is more dynamic but if it means the dress doesn't look shiny to most people it doesn't seem wise. Thanks!
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